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Comment Re:They will go one step further (Score 1) 403

You must be a wiz at Ad-libs.

You analogy is poor. Shoes are not meant for addons and plugins. Unless someone say causes a shoe failure because of a faulty third partly shoelace.

With cheap fake shoes with Nike logo, Nike and law enforcement can go after the rip off. As for the 3rd party apple add on. Well they just happened to make a device that fits in the wall, and fits in an iPhone. The fact you put them together is your own fault.

Comment Re:uh? (Score 1) 145

Well most larger companies that have salespeople who will just blatantly lie about their skills and resources. When they try to interview someone who is honest, they look like a bumbling idiot.

So let me grill you on industry buzzword x. I haven't heard of x before. after you look into it, you realize it is the same thing as other industry buzzword y, which you had decades experience in.

Comment Re: uh? (Score 1) 145

Yes, that is very common. It is chapter 1-3 then jump to the end of the book.
I once had to work with some code where they guy purchased a database engine for some software he was working with. Then he skipped using Database SQL Commands to manage the data, and went straight into direct library calls to the low level engine. Creating tables without table definitions, and the data was in essence unreadable across systems. Any change and reporting required coding the system to parse the data.
While reading the instructions Chapter 1-3 were about setting it up. End chapters were about using the low level stuff for last resort.
He thought he was mr. bigman for writing such low level library calls. But it was pure crap, that made the product tough to manage, and any chance requires hours of code analysis, to make sure it got the right data.

Comment Re:A rose by any other name... (Score 1) 119

Complain Complain....
Before flash we had Java Applets, or Active X, after that and before HTML 5 there was an attempt to make silverlight useful.

Flash had all the GUI elements we wanted, easy to code, and loaded relatively quickly and used a lot less bandwidth than other methods. Adobe went out of its way to make sure it ran on major OS's and browsers.

Until HTML 5 HTML didn't have too many way to handle Vector graphics, or animations. Not blaming early versions of HTML because with average speed being a 9600bps modem. Its early design were good for document delivery. However by the late 1990's HTML became an Application Interface protocol, you can complain about that, but it happened and it won't go back. Flash was the only decent choice for richer set of data.

Now there were cases where Flash was used where it shouldn't be. A lot of stuff you can do in HTML 4 was done in flash. But that doesn't make flash a bad product it was the best tool for the time.

Today not so much, and it should be time to sunset it. But to say it stunk is giving it a gross disservice.

Comment Re:The Source? (Score 1) 156

Dropping support doesn't mean it won't work. It just means if it doesn't Google will not help you to try to get it to work.

If you want to compile it, and adjust the dependencies so it works with 32bit. More power to you. Google just won't bend over backwards to make sure all the plugins work with you or crash after you fill up a bit too much ram.

Comment Re: uh? (Score 2) 145

I have learned the degree does matter. Not that it is the only criteria or an absolute but I have found people with degrees especially with undergrad have a bit more roundness to their personality.

When we are teens and early 20s all we want to do is focus on one thing going to college forces us to diversify.
I found people without degrees or took extreamly specialized classes tend to be good in a small area, then be grossly inadequate in others.
A programmer needs to know how to administer a mid sized system, do general DBA tasks, look up what they don't know, treat customers well, explain things so a non-programmer can understand, know about the business that they work for.

Those liberal art classes we need to take are useful and key to success. It is just a shame that liberal arts majors are not required to take 200+ level math and science so they get diversity in their education

Comment Re:uh? (Score 1) 145

Are you looking in the right place?
They are jobs but if you want to be freelance you need to on the watch all the time and that extra cash you make needs to go into that time between jobs.

The key reason why I don't freelance is because I suck at selling myself to new people. Once I am in they tend to love me, but before that I am just like any other smo.

Comment Nostalgic nonsense (Score -1, Troll) 102

After it gets released we realize that we are older and the new shows just don't seem the same anymore.
Ahh nostalgia blinders the reason why crap we loved when we were young and stupid still has a place in our heart.
It is the same reason why the Tea Party has some sort of love affair with the 1950's sure we're a sneeze away from mutual destruction but the propaganda made us feel at ease.

Comment Re:Avoidance (Score 1) 83

Ethics are a complex set of issues. The higher execs tend to work with big picture ideas. This often means ignoring the needs of the little guy. They may go we need to cut costs 25% otherwise the company cannot compete and will be out of business within a few years.
The middle manager will need to figure out how to cut cost 25% meaning they will decide if they need to lay off workers or cut benefits or find other ways to save money without affecting profit.
The normal workers can focus on performance their jobs to the best and make their customers happy.

Having the normal worker next to the exec would cause him to try to save 25% himself although that isn't his job. So he may try to do things such as aggressive marketing (aka lie to customers) push for short cut solutions etc... Just so he can prove that he is effective.

The distance means the idea will be vetted across many layers each one adding a degree of humanity so the hard big picture idea can be broken down by each person to get a full solution without having to violate ethics.

Comment Re:They will go one step further (Score 1, Insightful) 403

Apple has the problem of being highly visable with any problem with there devices. Apple users are picky and there are a bunch of haters who are willing to exploit any issue. A scam company makes a charger that is essentially plugging the wires to the wall and people who used it had there phones catch on fire will blame apple for their phones catching on fire. iPhone catches fire spreads across the Internet. Not stupid person bought a cheap ripoff charger that feed the phone direct ac current from the wall.

Comment Re: Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Score 4, Insightful) 256

Oh look, someone broke into your house, and stole all your valuables and personal belongings. Well you were stupid enough not to use bank vault doors, and you gave the spare key to a close friend who didn't lock his door that day.

The problem with Information security is that to be safe you need professional level of security on your consumer devices, and constant vigilance to keep it up. This is a lot of work for a person, especially if they don't find security patches fun, or barely get by using the internet.

Comment Re:Live by the sword, die by the sword. (Score 4, Insightful) 256

So we should be all nice and fuzzy with a group intent of harassing people. Oh they are making peoples lives miserable, but let them just go on their marry way, because if we mess with them they will mess with us too.

Yea it is OK the Nazi were capturing Jews, because we weren't Jews, if we did try to stop them, then they would just go after us.
Yep that mentality is looked soooo fondly in the view of history.

Comment Re: OMFG! (Score 3, Interesting) 181

No I am saying different genders will gravitate towards different jobs. Towing more women at a job to meet a quota even if that isn't what they want to do, will just cause a higher level of turn over. However as I stated before this is a trend, not a rule. Like any trend there are exceptions... A lot of one, a Trend can mean 51% of a population will fall in such a category (assuming I have a low margin of error) meaning 49% will fall in the minority. 49% is a big minority.

There are a lot of talented women who are just as good if not better then men at the building and creating of technology, if that is what they want to do, we shouldn't say they can't because of their gender. However if there is a balance in the stereotypes and you find your organization isn't having the gender equity, then there is a problem with the organization which will need to be corrected, such as fostering values that will attract women stereotype tech workers to your field, as they will bring something the organization needs anyways.

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