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Comment: Re:This is the way we sue the school (Score 1) 319

by SecurityGuy (#48370379) Attached to: Duke: No Mercy For CS 201 Cheaters Who Don't Turn Selves In By Wednesday

Actually, one of the things I value about my degrees is that students who have them actually had to earn them. They're not just paper, they represent something real. In my graduate work, we heard on a number of occasions of students who were caught cheating. Some came to light after graduation. I many cases, they rescinded the degree. If you're a Duke student and think you won't get smacked down for this sort of thing, you're wrong. It's the very same reason I'm ticked off at UNC. They demonstrated they're willing to give degrees to anyone who is good at sports.

Duke has nothing to fear from a lawsuit unless they tag someone who didn't actually cheat. If you turned in something that's byte-for-byte identical to something off the interwebz, you deserve, at a minimum, to fail the class.

Comment: Re:Subpoena-able? (Score 2) 151

by SecurityGuy (#48304865) Attached to: Ford Develops a Way To Monitor Police Driving

I recently read where cops might start wearing camera's on their uniforms.

Some places already do this. It's a good idea.

There is never a reason for video from a unformed cameras to not be made public available.

Oh, sure there is. Privacy. If I call the police to my house because it's been broken into, that doesn't mean I want the contents of my house to be on youtube. Even moreso for the victims of violent crimes. The police shouldn't be broadcasting people's worst moments for people's entertainment.

It's still a good idea, we just need to figure out how to record these people we give tremendous power over us without it turning into a public spectacle. Easier said than done.

Comment: Re:Hasn't intelligence improved the world? (Score 1) 583

by SecurityGuy (#48241927) Attached to: Elon Musk Warns Against Unleashing Artificial Intelligence "Demon"

For who? Arguably yes, intelligence has improved our lot in life, but there are a heck of a lot of species that don't exist anymore, or will cease existing in the near term future because of our actions.

If we remove the artificial, and instead grab a slice of humanity and make it a lot smarter than the rest of us, do you think things will remain peachy for the rest of us? How are the other great apes doing these days?

Comment: Which patents, exactly? (Score 1) 224

by SecurityGuy (#48158511) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Handling Patented IP In a Job Interview?

Seriously, numbers.

I ask because a large number of patents are, well, junk and will be thrown out at the first legal challenge. If you have one of those, quit worrying about it. You don't actually have anything of value. I used to deal with a fair number of people who were working full time somewhere and trying the software-based startup route. Having a patent on something obvious was common. I didn't really expect any of them to survive a legal challenge.

Comment: Re:Incredible (Score 2) 429

by SecurityGuy (#48112603) Attached to: BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer

He's not yelling anything. He is bodily throwing out the people holding the buckets. That might well be a reasonable response if he was the restaurant owner, but he's not.

I wouldn't care if this guy ran this on HIS network. He has no business doing it on someone else's.

Also, crap article. This doesn't belong on slashdot.

Comment: It's a stay or go question (Score 1) 182

by SecurityGuy (#47965381) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who Should Pay Costs To Attend Conferences?

My theory has always been that training my employer pays for is to make me a better employee. Training I pay for is to get me a better job. Both you and your employer should ask what the training is really going to do for you. If it's going to get you a new job, yes, every penny should come out of your pocket. If it's for the employer's benefit (and you aren't leaving for a reasonable period), then every penny should come from theirs.

Comment: Re:The Nanny State Strikes again! (Score 1) 364

by SecurityGuy (#47873151) Attached to: Text While Driving In Long Island and Have Your Phone Disabled

I was stopped at a traffic light, waiting for a right-on-red opportunity. Lady behind me apparently thinks she's doing the same thing. Rather than waiting for me to go, she waits for the same right-on-red suitable opening in traffic, hits the gas, and runs right into me.

Luckily, I still had my nigh-indestructable car (it had been previously hit on 3 sides in an accident by a semi on a snowy road), and I couldn't find a scratch on it.

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