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Comment Selling our sovereignty to corporations (Score 5, Insightful) 178

The TPP (or as I've seen it referred to - the "Tyrant Protection Plan") is nothing but a sham, no part of it has anything to do with 'trade', and all of it having to do with corporations ensuring their profits, at the cost of those countries' citizens.

Why else would they be permitted to sue countries/governments over alleged threats to their 'perceived potential profits' due to new laws (such as environment protections laws that might forbid those companies from operating under these new laws) passed by said countries.

Comment Re:Gave up on it long ago... (Score 1) 325

Congratulations, AC, you've shown yourself to be so much smarter than all the rest of us that clearly couldn't possibly have done or noticed a simple typo, and proved your superior knowledge to the world by not only pointlessly pointing it out*, but also endlessly harp about it.
*except for the part where I specifically admitted 'wanted' was indeed bad grammar, but hey, I guess you could be forgiven for not having noticed that, which was the main point of the post after all.

Comment Annoying (Score 1) 424

"They try very hard to present me with what they think I'm searching for instead of what I'm actually searching for.

Tell me about it!

Search for something like NSTableView, it give you back results for UITableView (since it thinks that because there's more links with 'UITableView', then golly gee, you therefore must really mean that, don't you?)

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