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Comment: Re:Tau instead of Pi... Wait a few months (Score 1) 341

by Sebastian Jansson (#35485452) Attached to: Happy Pi Day

I read that a while ago and I thought i made a lot of sense. And the really good part is: It's backwards compatible. just write, at the top of each calculation def: tau = 2*pi

So of course I then started doing my math with tau instead of pi. Turns out we actually tend to have pi without a factor of two quite a lot. In my case it was the fact that -1 = e^(i*pi) that made everything messy.

Suddenly I got a lot of fractions where I beforehand had none. And really, fractions are way more messy than multiplications. I prefer having a lot of 2*pi than even a few extra tau/2.

If anything, it might be a good idea to have the constant be for a quarter of a circle rather than a half. That would probably simplify complex calculations a lot. Since 1, i, -1, -i could all be described in polar notation without any fractions.

TL;DR: Tau is better in theory. Pi is simpler in practice. A constant for Pi/2 might be a good idea.

Comment: Re:If you ANAL then... (Score 1) 452

by Sebastian Jansson (#18973709) Attached to: Google's Evil NDA
Well, isn't that reason enough to not sign the thing? It seems kinda weird to me that you would need to consult an expensive lawyer for even interviewing at a company. Maybe they should consider making the agreement more readable by regular people. If the American legal system can't handle regular English it's really flawed.

+ - OS software for the music educator

Submitted by
ari gold
ari gold writes "i'm a high school music/CS teacher who is (and has been) looking around for some quality open source music software. music for music classes — open source so we can develop things and work with others on projects. where better to ask then right here? what DAWs are out there? audacity? rosegarden? are there software instruments/synths/modellers? can lilypond help where finale cant?

once we get it down here, people search the slashdot archives and enter the fantastic world of open source music.."

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