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Comment: For Classrooms Too (Score 3, Interesting) 459

by Scottingham (#47767685) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras
I'd like to see a camera in every public school classroom as well.

It would end the 'he said/she said' arguments when a kid is being disruptive and the parent refuses to believe their snowflake is anything other than perfect.

It could also allow for a better means of evaluating a teacher's performance. Currently it is done with in person audits by an administrator...teachers behave quite differently under that situation.

Comment: Re:So what they need, then... (Score 1) 185

by Scottingham (#47724485) Attached to: New Research Suggests Cancer May Be an Intrinsic Property of Cells
Exactly. I was just talking about this scenario the other day. While portable brain cases may be a bit far fetched and hard to imagine, I don't see immobile support systems for brains totally unfeasible. Of course waaay more science is needed, but we do seem to be advancing at an exponential rate.

Once it does become possible there are a bunch of strange milestones. Like, who were the first sucessful clinical trials? Would they become 'the elders' eventually? What about when there are more brains in buildings than people alive? Can brains own property? Would they have human agents in the 'real world' to do their bidding? What would it mean for prison sentences? How good would they be at first person shooters? ;-)

Comment: Re:Huge bird and fish kills (Score 1) 517

by Scottingham (#47712297) Attached to: Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead
Not quite. Equating an accident zone to the entire technology, hundreds of cores worldwide, is specious. Also, that link to the 'fish kills' is also not specific to nuclear power, nor actually describing a fish kill. A few fish getting caught in an intake is not a fish kill. For that you need them all to die at once.

Also, the warm water from the outlets could easily be argued to be a boon to fish and aquatic life. No winter!

But I do not have any illusions in trying to sway your disproportional fear of fission.

Comment: The larger problem.. (Score 2) 278

by Scottingham (#47655649) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are Online Job Applications So Badly Designed?
..seems to be online forms in general. Considering how disparate various forms and their submission mechanisms are I think the only course of action would have to be at the browser level. Perhaps some automatic usage of the LocalStorage api to store text typed into these fields. Though that might lead to some security concerns. Perhaps recalling that cached data requires some form of user authentication for the browser itself (which isn't a bad idea in general).

I dunno, just spitballin' here...

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