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Comment: Worse than it seems. (Score 3, Insightful) 221

by Scottingham (#47930563) Attached to: Obama Presses Leaders To Speed Ebola Response
This pandemic is almost certainly worse than it seems. For every reported case there are now likely a dozen unreported.

I have a feeling that all this effort from the US and others is to make the folks back home feel safer in that we are 'doing something'. In all likelihood the only thing that'll stop the spread at this point is stricter quarantine around the infected countries(!). Refugees would need to go into quarantine to make sure they are not carrying the disease.

This disease, and the corresponding collapse of infrastructure, will likely kill hundreds of thousands of people before its over.

I hope I'm wrong.

Comment: Re:More importantly (Score 2) 383

by Scottingham (#47930161) Attached to: Is the Tesla Model 3 Actually Going To Cost $50,000?
Scrapping the entire car? No way! The chassis, interior, and motors will still likely be in great shape. Electric motors have a WAY longer lifespan than reciprocating engines. If anything, replacing the battery every 5-10 years or so should be seen as a good thing. The tech will have improved, so your range for the same car will improve accordingly. While the battery may no longer be good for electric car demands, they can still live a long life for grid smoothing or surplus renewable power storage.

Comment: Re:By Country (Score 2) 199

by Scottingham (#47867515) Attached to: China's Island Factory
Mod anon up!

Also don't forget the fact that these floating cities are *nuclear*. They only need to be refueled once every 20 years. Running full speed ahead for weeks on end does not shorten this span. Its speed is limited by the other diesel ships in the carrier group though.

There have been some recent advances in catalytic fuels research that can take sea water and create jet fuel. With the nuke onboard all spare energy that would normally be unused could go towards creating fuel. Nothing is close to 'prime time' yet, at least not publicly.

Comment: Re:No deaths? (Score 1) 174

I'm with you on everything up until " I'm pointing back to first principles of SMALLER government and PERSONAL responsibility. "

That's all well and good, and should definitely be a goal for all. However...what do you think we should do with those who will fail the 'personal responsibility test'? This is where conservatives start mumbling. Most seem to be of the opinion 'Fuck off and die'.

That's where I differ. I'm all for personal liberty and all that, but I also realize that there will be people who will fail that test and end up destitute, homeless, a danger to themselves and others. Instead of letting stay homeless I think we should have a decent social safety net including housing, rehab centers, etc. I'm even for the creation of boarding schools for kids who live in horrible situations where it's clear the 'parent' is their largest impediment to a successful life.

Where would we get the money for this? How about the plutocracy (the .01%)?

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