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Comment This should be sold as PDA replacement (Score 1) 200

Since this would have a keyboard you could type on with more than your thumbs, you could get rid of your old laptop, your PDA, and your Blackberry. This would be what I am looking for in a laptop; e.g. it is thin enough to fit into a briefcase yet has good battery life and storage. With this I could take notes, write, work on spreadsheets anywhere in an unobtrusive manner. This product should be re-targeted at business customers.
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Journal Journal: Let's debate emergency communications, not gun control

It's been 2 days since the massacre and the gun control debate has been revived again with all the deaf loud people screaming the stuff that no one hears. As important as that might be, I think that the debate that needs to be promoted is how to communicate effectively in an emergency. Although plenty of unfounded rumors were mongered last Monday, the most effective communications among the Virginia Tech Community, the loved ones at home, and the rest of us were by new technologies such as

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Journal Journal: Cell Phone Interference on planes - legitimate?

For a long time I have been convinced that there wouldn't be a real problem with people using their mobile phones in airplanes. Figuring that wiring ought to properly insulated and frequencies not necessarily interfering between plane and ground communications, I'd have figured we were safe. A discovery that I made yesterday made me not so sure.


Journal Journal: Ethanol And Brazil: The New Global Energy Brand?

When it comes to energy, Brazil is on its way to becoming a "global brand." Although the United States recently outpaced Brazil in ethanol production, Brazil is by far the leader in sugar-based ethanol. Its exports are growing, and it could become a major energy supplier to the world. But what Brazil is particularly known for is its grand conversion-moving almost 40 percent of its automotive fuel from gasoline to ethanol.

Journal Journal: French high-speed train sets world record 357.2 mph

Today a French high-speed train known as TGV set a world speed record for conventional trains of 357.2 miles per hour. That is quite impressive. In my view, trains at this kind of speed would be competitive with commuter aircraft for the types of routes that both transportation systems serve. It seems that high speed train systems would work economically in par

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