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Comment Got Burned by Titanfall (Score 5, Interesting) 292

Hard-core gamers will laugh, but I bought Titanfall for Xbox One thinking 'Hey, cool, what a great looking first-person game." I get home with the disc and find out (a) there is no way to play alone, and (b) I needed an Xbox Gold account to even go online and play with others. Apparently I'm the only one on earth who doesn't like multi-player and has zero interest in playing a game with a bunch of random strangers on the Internet, so for me the game is effectively useless. And what really bugged me was that it was not at all clear on the game packaging that it was mutli-player ONLY and absolutely required Xbox Gold to play. Even reviews I read online didn't make that explicitly clear - I assumed Titanfall would be like Halo or Call of Duty: sure there's mutli-player, but you also get a game to play yourself. Now I see something like Destiny and I fear the same thing happening (and from reading the linked article it sounds like single player is there, but not well thought out). Is the first-person shooter market really so heavily focused on multi-player that those of us with no interest in that feature will eventually be shut out of playing the latest games?

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 731

Unfortunately for many big sites hosting it themselves is *not* an option. Where I used to work we had to use DoubleClick, the advertisers demanded it: (a) because they were all familiar with the tools, and more importantly (b) they wanted an independent third-party reporting on views/clicks. I would have loved to have eliminated the $250K a year we were paying DoubleClick, but Sales stopped me cold.

Submission + - 'Wearable Computing Will Be the Norm,' Says Google Glass Team (wired.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In an interview with Wired, Google's Steve Lee and Babak Parviz spoke about how they've come to use Project Glass in their lives, and where the expect the mobile computing industry to go in the near future. 'We’ve long thought the camera’s important, but since we’ve started using this in public and with our family and friends and in real situations, not just hidden in the Google lab, that we’ve truly seen the power of being hands free. ... It’s my expectation that in three to five years it will actually look unusual and awkward when we view someone holding an object in their hand and looking down at it. Wearable computing will become the norm.'

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 190

Well, RCA did create NBC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NBC), to make content for their devices (in a 1920s kind of way). So that's actually an exact parallel to the Apple situation we're discussing (which is nuts in and of itself, but that's for a different thread)

Astronomers Discover 33 Pairs of Waltzing Black Holes 101

Astronomers from UC Berkeley have identified 33 pairs of waltzing black holes, closing the gap somewhat between the observed population of super-massive black hole pairs and what had been predicted by theory. "Astronomical observations have shown that 1) nearly every galaxy has a central super-massive black hole (with a mass of a million to a billion times the mass of the Sun), and 2) galaxies commonly collide and merge to form new, more massive galaxies. As a consequence of these two observations, a merger between two galaxies should bring two super-massive black holes to the new, more massive galaxy formed from the merger. The two black holes gradually in-spiral toward the center of this galaxy, engaging in a gravitational tug-of-war with the surrounding stars. The result is a black hole dance, choreographed by Newton himself. Such a dance is expected to occur in our own Milky Way Galaxy in about 3 billion years, when it collides with the Andromeda Galaxy."

Submission + - Operator Turns Off Engine - UAV Crashes in Arizona

Scott Tracy writes: The plane crashed near Nogales, Ariz., because the pilot had turned off the engine and never noticed, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled Tuesday. The board chairman, Mark V. Rosenker, said part of the problem was inadequate supervision and regulation of U.A.V.'s. "We definitely need to change the mind-set from computer game-boy to pilot of an aircraft," he said. If the object was simply to operate a computer console, with no reference to safety on the ground, "you could get an 8- or 10-year-old kid who probably could fly it better than what the pilots are doing."

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