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Comment: 5 years out of date (Score 1) 1053

by Scott Richter (#9894642) Attached to: Exploring Linux Desktop Myths
I deal with below average computer users daily (far below what everyone else here seems to deal with). I get MS Office attachments that do not format correct in OpenOffice, I get to visit webpages that do not format correctly in Firefox (at least not without some discomfort)

You must have a flavor of linux that doesn't deuglify the fonts for you. This was my experience before I fixed my fonts, now no problems with either program.

Right and when you get new hardware, plug it in, and restart, what does XP do? Hey, holy shit user, you have new hardware, we need drivers! Oh wait, we have them right here, no recompiles or modules need to be loaded. It's a digital camera you say? Wow, would you like to open the files on the camera and work with Photoshop or some random preloaded Windows software or would you like to save them to a directory on your HD?

You're damned lucky if that happened. Usually you need to actually install the software that comes with that camera, or you are relegated to the crappy XP program. Which isn't any better than the one that comes with Gnome, or whatever.

This conclusion is bogus. Basically all hardware works just fine with Windows. It's not the same for Linux. Give me a break.

As of when, the 2.0 kernel? Even slackware treated my sound card fine.

(I don't have time to figure out why my network cards aren't working under 2.6.x - odd that I have been running Linux for 10 years and I can't seem to get my configuration to work w/o thinking).

Yeah, that's odd. You using Caldera? I have to say, getting a computer on the network is the one place where Linux is so much more easy than XP it isn't funny. I have literally spent hours trying to get windows boxes to see each other on a network to no avail, and I've never had to trouble myself in Linux.

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