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+ - New Star Wars Trilogy Announced->

Submitted by
Scott Lockwood
Scott Lockwood writes "When Peter Mayhew signed his contract for the new trilogy of films (episodes I — III) there was a rider that he had to sign guaranteeing he would agree to appear in Episode VII. I think most of us at the time thought that was a marketing stunt, but it now appears to be a reality after all. George Lucus, and of all people, James Cameron confirm there will be a 3rd trilogy. From the article:

Lucas: “Our generation had it’s legend. Our journey had a first step. And my saga had it’s beginning. Nowthis great and epic journey needs to have an end.”

Cameron: “With great hope comes great responsibility, and I will ensure that at last the mighty Galactic Empire sees its revenge, and that the New Republic and it’s Jedi protectors rise once again!”

Lucas: “There are three more tales to tell, and Mr. Cameron the force is strong with you.”"

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+ - Huh. Epic Fail, Canada.-> 1

Submitted by Scott Lockwood
Scott Lockwood (218839) writes "Are you Canadian? Are you transgender? Do you want to fly? Well, too bad — as of last July, you can't anymore. FTA, "5.2 (1) An air carrier shall not transport a passenger if
(c) the passenger does not appear to be of the gender indicated on the identification he or she presents;""

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+ - ASCAP starts to act like the RIAA->

Submitted by
Scott Lockwood
Scott Lockwood writes "Below Average Dave, a Dr. Demento style parody artist, has been shut down by the ASCAP. ASCAP, acting as badly as the RIAA, is now attempting to ignore the 2 Live Crew Supreme Court decision that Parodies are new derivative works. Just like the RIAA, ASCAP seems intent on ignoring basic truths and misrepresents the law. From his website,

What Happened to Badave.com??? Well, you can thank Ascap for that. Under the Fair-Use Doctrine, provided by the United States Constitution, parodies are protected from the normal copy-right laws as they do not infringe on the original works' financial gain. The parodies on this site were non-profit, educational, comment based or criticism. These uses have consistently been held up in court as fair use, and parody has won in court. Unfortunately, badave.com being a non-profit site, can not afford to battle Ascap--who is the only license company that doesn't seem to understand the concept that parodies don't fall under their license laws or limitations. I provided them with a link to documentation on parody and the history there of, and what happened in courts past, but they don't seem to get it

If you know anyone who can help BA Dave in his plight, please contact him."
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"There is such a fine line between genius and stupidity." - David St. Hubbins, "Spinal Tap"