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Comment Re:Visual vs wall of code (Score 1) 147

The drag-n-drop languages teach loops and if-then-else trees pretty easily- case statements are a bit harder, but I know of one drag-n-drop language that has them as a feature.

What they don't teach is how do debug 5 levels of CSS on a website. These kids are going to hate coding when they get down to the actual work.

Comment Re:I guess I haven't understood this (Score 1) 26

That is arguably not even the most egregious offenses they have committed in recent memory. A more blatant execution of voter suppression happened back in 2004 in Ohio. Compare the wait times and voting machine distribution (voters per machine) between the wealthy republican-dominated districts and the economically depressed democrat-dominated districts. Few voters with minimum wage jobs can afford to wait 3+ hours to vote.

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