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Comment: Re:Can Iowa handle a circus that large? (Score 1) 91

by damn_registrars (#48467303) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Considering US Presidential Run

All of them on both lists have "expressed interest"

I disagree. There are several on your list of democrats who have yet to express any interest. This of course does not mean that they won't run but they have not done anything to express interest in pursuing the nomination so far.

Comment: Re:Can Iowa handle a circus that large? (Score 2) 91

by damn_registrars (#48467055) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Considering US Presidential Run
While I agree with the statement of

I'm pretty sure any of the above could beat Carly

It is worth pointing out that the list you just gave is pretty much completely speculative, as none of the names on that list have actually made concrete motions towards running. On the other hand every GOP'er on the list I provided has done something that is clearly designed to build up their presidential campaign.

That of course doesn't mean that none of the people on your list will run, just that none of them are running at this time.

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by damn_registrars (#48465993) Attached to: Kevlar Kandidate Kicks Himself
I just quoted you directly. I directly employed the actual words you used to show how you were doing exactly what I said you were doing. You were giving your hero a giant free pass based solely on the what fact?

Or do you want me to follow him around with a video camera 24x7 for the next ~16 months (until he launches his presidential campaign) to see if he commits a charitable act?

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That was my reply. I don't know if this is unique to the way slashdot renders for me in firefox but the "Post Anonymously" box sits directly above the "Submit" button. I somehow managed to hit the check box and then the button in one motion. I wish I could just make the "Post Anonymously" button go away completely (or perhaps I just shouldn't write when I'm this tired in the morning).

Comment: Re:Well, not to go all Godwin, but ... (Score 1) 1027

by gmhowell (#48465905) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Reminds me of a story my grandfather told me about his experience in the South Pacific. Punchline was "You're a dumb kid, that Japanese guy is a dumb kid, and you both stumbled upon each other. You've got nothing against each other, but because of something people thousands of miles away decided, only one of you was going to walk away that day."

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