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Comment: Re:Tesla (Score 1) 486

by Scott Byer (#21439655) Attached to: 6 Major Pre-Production Electric Vehicles Compared
The Roadster's motor is not completely silent. Under hard acceleration it's a rather pleasing sound - a very Blade Runner kind of vibe to it - it's a lot quieter than a gas engine, sure, but it's there enough that you really get the sense of power being applied. When you're creeping around city streets or in a parking lot, though, it'll be pretty much eerily quiet - a little tire noise, maybe. Just going to take some getting used to watching out for the oblivious pedestrians.

(Note that the chart has a mistake in it, listing the Roadster's charging time as 3.5 hours on a 110V connection - it's 3.5 hours using a dedicated 220V 90 amp circuit, it'll take ~8 hours to charge by a normal 110V circuit)

+ - Bendable optical fiber replaces copper at home->

Submitted by barwasp
barwasp (1116567) writes "It appears that Corning Inc. has developed an optical fiber cable that is 100 times more bendable than standard fibers. Current optical fiber installations lose signal strength and effectiveness when bent around corners and routed through a building, making it often difficult and expensive to run fiber all the way to customers' homes. These Corning's new fibers are claimed to be bendable around very tight corners with virtually no signal loss."
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+ - Digg signs advertising deal with Microsoft

Submitted by StonyandCher
StonyandCher (1121349) writes "Computerworld is reporting that Digg and Microsoft have signed an exclusive advertising deal.

From the article: "In a deal that boosts Microsoft's plan to increase revenue from online advertising, the company will be the exclusive provider of display and contextual advertising on the popular Digg news site.

Microsoft also said it will work with Digg to develop new campaigns that combine advertising and technology for the site, and will collaborate with Digg's current advertising partner, Federated Media Publishing, to bring new programs to the site's users and advertisers. The deal's duration will be three years, the companies said."
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+ - Email overload driving corps to Wikis->

Submitted by
Christopher Blanc
Christopher Blanc writes "Invented in 1971 by the computer engineer Ray Tomlinson, e-mail now controls us, rather than us it. In a recent poll at the IT news site, 33 per cent of respondents said they receive between 51 and 100 e-mails a day. In a similar poll two years ago, that figure was 23 per cent. It would be an exaggeration to say that the days of e-mail are over, and that it has been replaced by wikis and other forms of communication. 175.ece"
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