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Comment: Replay Value (Score 2, Insightful) 188

by ScotlynHatt (#30869158) Attached to: How Do You Measure a Game's Worth?
So there are some games that I continue to play years after they come out due to the mod community. Half Life 2 and Battlefield 2 are two that have to be into the pennies per hour by now; I don't even have an estimate. That said, if you look at the direction COD-MW2 decided to take, from a single player perspective, you see the cost per hour go way up. Multiplayer certainly improves the value but the plan is to control development of maps/mods and charge for them, so the long-term value does not improve for the gamer, only the company.

Comment: Re:Gaming is Amazing on Windows 7 (here's a list) (Score 1) 554

by ScotlynHatt (#28805805) Attached to: Gaming On Windows 7
It isn't just you with the network issue. I had that problem on my new-ish Dell XPS. If I left 7RC running overnight, it would have no connectivity when I tried the next day. Then I would have to deal with the whole craptastic network management "tools" for 30 minutes before I just shut down and unplugged to release the Ethernet. I am thinking early drivers are putting the network card in a pickle, so I am hopeful this will be gone with the Gold version.

Comment: Re:10 years old now... (Score 1) 176

by ScotlynHatt (#27771387) Attached to: <em>ioquake3</em> 1.36 Goes Gold
For the last few years the Battlefield crowd has been pretty solid, BF2 in particular. There are still plenty of populated servers and clans running around, not to mention many high-quality mods in the community. As far as relevancy goes, Battlefield still has a dedicated tab on IGN's FilePlanet which is reserved for the most active communities. But alas, EA has decided to pursue the console market and turn BF into an arcade style game stripped of any RPG elements it had going for it.

Comment: Sex & Violence (Score 1) 640

by ScotlynHatt (#27342267) Attached to: Why Fear the End of the R-Rated Superhero Movie?
I was sitting 4 or 5 seats away from a couple of early teen boys whose parents were two rows up. The scene where the little girl's leg bone was being fought over by the dogs or when the cleaver ended up in the guy's skull did not elicit any attempts by the parents to stop the viewing, yet when the two main characters began to screw in the ship, Mom was turned around and motioning for them to cover their eyes. Are you freaking kidding me? These Sex vs. Violence discussions always bring me back to a Vanity Card by Chuck Lorre:

Comment: Re:Inertial confinement vs. magnetic confinement (Score 1) 438

by ScotlynHatt (#27149381) Attached to: National Ignition Facility Fires 192-Beam Pulse
So first they come up with a method to easily deploy thousands of BB sized bombs in our "enemy's" back yard, combined with some nifty nano-scale geo-location, lase the BBs from space, then they will "solve" what is logically the greater danger to all human security, fossil fuel dependence.

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