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Comment: Because they can (Score 1) 629

by SchwarzeReiter (#40319749) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Are Hearing Aids So Expensive?
I was once the guest of a factory producing hearing aids. They had a very nice diner in it, with above than average food, a pool on the top, everyone used the best available equipment. Somebody has to pay for that.

Funny thing is altough their people (the ones putting the added value into the product) were highly qualified and the best they could find, for the production high percentage of the employees was immigrant. I guess you have the right to choose how you spend your money.

Comment: Re:OK, I'll Say It (Score 1) 140

by SchwarzeReiter (#35997274) Attached to: Help Build the World's First Community-Funded CPU ASIC hardware is a fundamentally different thing. No one has chip fabs in their basement. So someone will have to pay big money to make the masks and tape-out and test the hardware. Unless some major vendor picks up the design and mass produces it lots of 100s of thousands, the price per CPU is going to be stupidly more expensive than an off-the-shelf CPU/motherboard or embedded system. And, even then, you are probably buying an overpriced, underpowered CPU just because it is "free."

I think you are more or less right, an opportunity presents itself here: Why is it that no one has a chip fab in their basement? Aside from the obvious difficulties this is a logical milestone on the way to open hardware, and not putting serious $$$ into the pockets of manufacturers, which did not base their business on manufacturing for hobbyists, but to make custom designs for customers who want to go to market as fast as possible, and thinking about how much it costs is only secondary to them.

Comment: Re:The German Bundeswehr (Score 1) 156

by SchwarzeReiter (#26783241) Attached to: German Bundeswehr Recruiting Hackers

Jeez, guys, nobody ever saw a WWII movie?

You haven't, apparently. Otherwise you'd know that it was the Wehrmacht back then, the Bundeswehr came to existence only a decade after the war.

Good point, but it would be interesting to know, what the 1955 Bundeswehr soldiers have done between 39-45. And don't tell me, that all of them were kids that time. Or can the leopard change his spots where you come from?

Comment: Re:The German Bundeswehr (Score 1) 156

by SchwarzeReiter (#26781039) Attached to: German Bundeswehr Recruiting Hackers

Ahh, the German Bundeswehr. Of course! I was wondering what those guys were up to.

Who or what is the German Bundeswehr and why should I care?

Jeez, guys, nobody ever saw a WWII movie?

Timmy, great article, by the way. 99% of your readers have no idea what it's about.

It's not the fault of the poster, that you are all illiterate, and do exchange czech beer manufacturers (Budweiser) with one your few remaining allies, who's ass is still on line in your f**ked up war in Afganisthan. (Bundeswehr)

It's time to boot, do your boot ROMs know where your disk controllers are?