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Comment: Re:Update to Godwin's law? (Score 1) 575

by Scarletdown (#48043815) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

Any sort of securista ploy to invade private property like this that starts with "think of the children" should be automatically subject to Reductio ad Hitlerum.

And any government official who so readily argues that "protection of children" is the reason for any measure they want to put forth, no matter how heavily such a measure can and will be misused and abused, should be summarily removed from office right then and there and be banned for life from any public servant position.

Comment: Re:Hodor (Score 1) 127

My predictions (Bear in mind that I have only read the first two books and watched the series up to the episode right before Viserys gets "crowned"):

1: Several more major characters will get killed of.
2: Many more ladies in the series will get thoroughly banged from behind.
3: Jon Snow will head up the Black watch and ally with Daenrys. In the end, they will hook up and rule the land together, and the two will bang happily ever after.

What would Hodor say?

Comment: Re:In space (Score 1) 470

by Scarletdown (#48017085) Attached to: The Physics of Space Battles

> no one can hear you explode.

Of course they can...if someone is sufficiently close and the shockwave hits a reverberating surface containing an atmosphere that can transmit the resulting sound waves to your auditory sensor. The TIE Fighter sounds were ion streams (from their engines) hitting the hull. That's how close they got to the Falcon!

I believe a simpler and more sensible explanation for the roar of the TIE fighters flying through space is that nobody on screen heard them. They were simply added for effect, for the benefit of the viewers in the audience. Those scenes would have lost luster if those sound effects had not been added, same with the sounds of the laser blasts and explosions.

Likewise, it is highly unlikely that any of the characters on screen would have heard the Main Title, the Imperial March, or any other number from the soundtracks (other than the likes of the Cantina songs, Max Rebo's music, the Ewok Celebration, or the too painful to remember Life Day song that Princess Leia sang).

Comment: Re:Great idea! Let's alienate Science even more! (Score 1) 937

by Scarletdown (#47899629) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

If bigot Yankees wouldn't have started to teach Creationism at school, or open the Creation Museum, or all the bizarre stuff I periodically read about religion in the US, maybe atheists would not have felt the need to "fight back" in that way...

The Creation Museum was founded by an Australian.

Comment: Re:Too many damn immigrants (Score 2) 112

by Scarletdown (#47692479) Attached to: Financial Services Group WCS Sues Online Forum Over Negative Post

Well if they don't like it, then they can go back to their own shitty countries. Im not a racist, but whenever blacks complain about slavery or discrimination here in America, I offer to buy them a one way ticket to Africa. But no. They don't want to go back to that shithole. I'd do the same for Mexicans or Chinese or any other fuckers who complain and cause problems in America, yet none want to go back home.

Just out of curiosity, if the one complaining was a Hopi, or Cherokee, or Navajo, or Apache, or perhaps Salish, to which destination would you purchase a one way ticket for them?

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