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+ - Did Microsoft alter Windows sales figures?->

Submitted by Saxophonist
Saxophonist (937341) writes "InformationWeek claims to have analyzed Microsoft's most recent Form 10-Q and observed that a reported increase in earnings for the Windows unit may be due to accounting trickery rather than actual sales growth. Microsoft apparently increased its reported revenues for its Windows, Server & Tools, and Office units at least partly through shifting revenues from other units. While there may be nothing "to suggest the company's revisions violate any accounting rules," the actual growth in Windows sales was likely nowhere near the high double-digit percentage growth claimed. InformationWeek speculates that revenues from Xbox and Surface may have been among the revenues shifted to the other divisions."
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+ - Cell Phone Encryption Exploit Demonstrated

Submitted by Saxophonist
Saxophonist (937341) writes "Two individuals presenting at the Black Hat security conference in Washington, D.C., demonstrated an efficient way to break the encryption on cellular telephone signals that use the GSM protocol. David Hulton and Steve Muller claim that one such method can be done in about half an hour with $1,000 worth of hardware. They plan to release that method for free, but they have another, faster method that they plan to sell for $200,000 to $500,000. They claim that this faster method can decrypt a signal in about thirty seconds."

+ - Google CEO advocates educating the government

Submitted by Saxophonist
Saxophonist (937341) writes "Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, spoke yesterday at the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board symposium yesterday. He explained why people with technical knowledge need to educate their governments regarding technology issues. "The average person in government is not of the age of people who are using all this stuff," Schmidt said. "There is a generational gap, and it's very, very real." The full story can be found here."

+ - New switch puts an end to exploding batteries

Submitted by Saxophonist
Saxophonist (937341) writes "Engadget reports that a Korean company has created a switch to prevent exploding batteries in portable devices. The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute of Korea has developed a "critical temperature switch" that will prevent the swelling of batteries due to overheating. The full article may have more details (paid subscription required)."

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