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Comment Re:So when's the real scheduled flight date? (Score 1) 41

I was at the recent shuttle launch for STS-134. I was fortunate enough to get tickets from the Kennedy Space Center. Seeing that shuttle take off was the first thing I have seen that was anywhere near Biblical in proportion. The thunderous noise that followed a few seconds after launch was literally earth shaking. If you can make it, I highly recommend it.

Comment Still useful. (Score 2, Informative) 113

This may be useful in a post apocalyptic world. Chances are, Internet style connectivity will be wiped out. Decentralized regional networks may still exist. Transporting high-density data using antique methods such as the pigeons can allow for FidoNet (remember that?) other BBS-style data exchange. Anything that can get the information moving again is a good thing.


Submission + - Ancient robot (60AD) was programmed with rope

Pingu93 writes: New Scientist has a feature about the 'worlds first' programmable robot, dating from 60AD. It was designed by a Greek inventor who was, appropriately enough, called Hero. He designed his rolling machine so that it could be programmed using rope and pegs in different configurations. Some of the writers at New Scientist went so far as to build there own version of the robot and the technology blog has some video of it in action.

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