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Comment: Re:Early fragmentation (Score 1) 122

by angel'o'sphere (#48900325) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Pascal Underrated?

Pascal, especially the versions running on the UCSD P-Systems, was once the largest install base of computer software.

Your analysis is wrong. No one really knows why C displaced Pascal, in fact I would say, it was not C but C++.

My judgement is that the high costs of Eiffel and Ada compilers/envirnomnets helped C++ to pave the way.

Around that time (1990 - 1995) we also had a rise of OO and CASE and modeling methods (OMT, Booch etc. and later UML). I assume the focus of modeling tools on SmallTalk and C++ and very soon Java (1997) made it even more troublesome for Pascal.

Back stage the Pascal companies where canibalizing themselves. The winner, the company buying or destroying the competition, simply did not last and got sold, bought out or whatever ... they simply vanished.

The same with C#, the language only exists because MS made a mistake in their EEE policy regarding Java. The arguable benefits of one language over the other where established an half or a full decade later. (None had generics or lambdas when developed ... etc.)

C never had a hughe standard library, it still has not till to our days. so this argument makes no sense at all. Even C++ still lacks standard threading and standard GUI libraries ... I guess one or the other is now addressed by boost and Qt ... but like Apache for Java, this are third parties.

Comment: Re:One important use left for Pascal (Score 1) 122

by angel'o'sphere (#48900213) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Pascal Underrated?

Pascal wins over C hands down as soon as you are doing something that is 'business' and not bit shuffeling.

      MyStufd is RECORD ....
        MyData is file of MyStuff;
var infile, outfile : MyData;
            data : MyStuff;
      infile := openForReading("filename");
      outfile := openForWriting("anotherfile");
      { read and pick the result to write to outfile }
      read(data, infile);
      if 'data is good enough' then
              write(data, outfile);

BTW, not sure about keywords, I think 'is' is Ada and not Pascal, but you get the idea.

There are plenty of other examples, like packed arrays of records, sets, the clear hierarchy of consts, types and variables, var parameters to procedures etc. etc. The definition of units and the usage of them comes to mind. Yes, you can do all that in C, but you use ideoms and need much more knowledge what you are doing. In Pascal it is super simple to write a 'compilation unit' that is either a program or a (part of a ) library, in C it is not, you ned to know when and why to use extern, static etc.

If you believe C is in any way better than Pascal you can not program ... definitely not in Pascal and very likely not in C either.

Comment: Re:So your point then... (Score 1) 11

by smitty_one_each (#48899469) Attached to: Props to William Jacobson
I find your interrogative disingenuous. The question is NOT "why do you support local jurisdictions passing laws regulating things. . .such as ammunition clips".
The question is, given laws, why do we tolerate uneven enforcement thereof.
This is a specific example of why I generally assume, as a default, that you are arguing in bad faith, or at least trolling, until proven otherwise.

Comment: Re:not my takeaway at all (Score 1) 11

by smitty_one_each (#48899453) Attached to: Props to William Jacobson

I think when the Irish and Polish and Italian immigrant waves came, they actually liked the basic system of America and wanted to melt into it. They thought they could make it just fine on their own, by working. Now we have multiculturalism and its encouragement of cultural segregation, and of not learning the language and customs and fully joining in. Now suddenly these days it's like America is at a zenith of racism and the message that can and does resonate is that you can't make it on your own in America, without the Left's help.

You have to admire the Left's genius in realizing that there is more political power to be derived from keeping people divided, rather than having them unite under one set of capitalistic Judeo-Christians values.

Comment: Ozane (Score 1) 227

by MillionthMonkey (#48899095) Attached to: Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

Nobody uses these names, but technically the IUPAC systematic name for ammonia is "azane", and water is "ozane". (Google says they're a Star Refrigeration subsidiary in the US and an exterminator business in New Jersey.)

I'm imagining Slashdot stories like "Fracking Fluid Contains Significant Amounts of Ozane", "Ozane Responsible For Rising Sea Levels", "Guantanamo Prisoners Tortured Using Ozane", "Oncoming Ozane Crisis Threatens Civilization", "Weak Beer Found To Contain Excess Amounts of Ozane", "Linus Torvalds: Ozane Has No Role In Linux", "Ozane Layer Disappearing Along East Coast", "Tesla Motors Introducing Ozane-Based Fuel Cells", etc.

+ - Ask Slashdot: GPU of choice for OpenCL on Linux?

Submitted by Bram Stolk
Bram Stolk (24781) writes "So, I am running GNU/Linux on a modern Haswell CPU, with an old Radeon HD5xxx from 2009. I'm pretty happy with the open source Gallium driver for 3D acceleration.

But now I want to do some GPGPU development using OpenCL on this box, and the old GPU will no longer cut it. What do my fellow technophiles from slashdot recommend as a replacement GPU? Go nVidia, go AMD, or just use the integrated Intel GPU instead? Bonus points for open sourced solutions. Performance not really important, but OpenCL driver maturity is."

Comment: Re:They already have (Score 1) 661

by Bruce Perens (#48897151) Attached to: US Senate Set To Vote On Whether Climate Change Is a Hoax

There is no reason that we have to pick one and abandon work on the others. I don't see that the same resources go into solving more than one, except that the meteor and volcano problem have one solution in common - be on another planet when it happens.

The clathrate problem and nuclear war have the potential to end the human race while it is still on one planet, so we need to solve both of them ASAP.

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