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Comment: Re:Man, am I old ... (Score 1) 126

by gstoddart (#48620807) Attached to: Backblaze's 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off

Well, there was a point (and I am talking DOS here) where some PCs did.

Because I used to own the little punch thingy and did it. I did not own an Apple.

I honestly don't recall the disk sizes, so I could be wrong about that.

But, since I had a PC in around 1984/1985 which did this, I can tell you that some of them did use single sided floppies. Granted, it was a crappy Tandy PC, so it was extra useless and special. I had a whole 256K of RAM, so 640K seemed like so much. :-P

On a machine running DOS, I most definitely punched floppies to get extra capacity. That I can guarantee you.

So, you remember what you remember, and I'll remember what I do.

At the time, owning one of those punches was kind of a geek badge of honor when it wasn't cool at all to be a geek. :-P

Comment: So, useless then? (Score 1) 56

by gstoddart (#48620527) Attached to: Research Highlights How AI Sees and How It Knows What It's Looking At

For example, DNNs look at TV static and declare with 99.99% confidence it is a school bus.

Unless it's static of an image of a school bus, these things sound utterly useless.

According to TFS, Charlie Brown is a schoolbus.

It's OK, if AI is this stupid, we need not worry about it taking over any time soon.

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 2) 255

by gstoddart (#48620427) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Cuba's failures have nothing to do with Cuba seizing and redistributing the property of its people.

The property which was seized was mostly owned by foreign countries, and benefited the existing dictatorship of Bautista -- who was a brutal bastard, but friendly to the US so America was fine with it. America only objects to dictators who dislike them.

When Baustista was in power, the average Cuban worker was pretty much a serf, and all of the economy benefited only a few.

I'm glad you are keeping up with the DNC memo's and talking points.

You're a drooling idiot.

I'm not an American, and I have no idea of what the DNCs talking points are on this. But your childish little hamster brain apparently needs to make this a Republican v Democrat issue, so you're only capable of seeing thatg.

I've been to Cuba a bunch of times. I've read books my Castro and Che, as well as the history of how the Platt Amendment came to be foisted on Cuba despite their not wanting it. I've also read about the history from non-Cuban sources so try to see the whole picture.

The vast majority of Americans really have no clue about Cuban history. They boil it down to about a 10 year period, and then haven't bothered to learn anything which happened before or since. Cuba and Casto are just the bogeymen to get yourselves worked up about.

So, it's tragic you're so ill informed and are tied to whatever idiotic talking points you're repeating.

Because clearly don't know a damned thing about it you haven't been spoon fed.

Comment: Re:Wildly premature question (Score 1) 73

by Bruce Perens (#48620117) Attached to: SpaceX To Attempt Falcon 9 Landing On Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship

If we look at jet aircraft, wear depends on the airframe and the engines, and the airframe seems to be the number of pressurize/depressurize cycles as well as the running hours. Engines get swapped out routinely but when the airframe has enough stress it's time to retire the aircraft lest it suffer catastrophic failure. Rockets are different in scale (much greater stresses) but we can expect the failure points due to age to be those two, with the addition of one main rocket-specific failure point: cryogenic tanks.

How long each will be reliable can be established using ground-based environmental testing. Nobody has the numbers for Falcon 9R yet.

Weight vs. reusable life will become a design decision in rocket design.

Comment: Re:Failed state policies (Score 0) 255

by gstoddart (#48619801) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

So what your saying is that if we took all the illegal -- uh "undocumented" immigrants from third-world countries that Obama lets in and dump them into the socialist paradise of Cuba that America's healthcare statistics will look massively better than Cuba's.

No, America would probably still rank lower than most third world countries on that front.

In the U.S. they bend over backwards to save babies but since they aren't always successful, the statistics get skewed.

Yes, they bend over backwards to ensure they don't get aborted, and then they decide that the raising of them is someone else's problem. As soon as it's born, doing anything to take care of it would be socialism.

'Cuz that works well in the long run. Mostly it lets the church ladies moralize, and then they can move on to ignoring poverty and crime and focusing on prisons for all the poor people.

Comment: Re:Why not push toward collapse? (Score 3, Insightful) 255

by gstoddart (#48619735) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

What do you mean? The country was then conquered within months by us. Saddam Hussein himself was then captured, tried publicly, and executed deservingly.

My god, are you that delusional?

You toppled a government, but you sure as hell didn't "conquer" them.

You barely got out of there with your asses intact, and every single justification for going in there in the first place was provably false before anybody got sent in. Oh, and your inept fumbling about led to the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians -- far far more than were killed in 9/11.

The entire reason for being in Iraq the second time was a colossal lie perpetuated by a chimpanzee of a president trying to finish what daddy started.

You were in the wrong fucking country, because Iraq had nothing at all to do with 9/11. And now you've left a giant power vacuum which has destabilized the entire region.

Being in Iraq was such an epic failure that only people who can call it a success were the private companies who made huge profits, and the lying bastards who got you in there in the first place.

If you think that's a template for how to fix the worlds problems ... the world doesn't want any more of your "help".

Comment: Re:Why not push toward collapse? (Score 1) 255

by angel'o'sphere (#48619599) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Why would Chechnya "export" terrorism?

Sorry, seems you have not much clue. Chechnya is a nation that tries to separate from Russia.

During WW II the chechnic "terror attacks" would have been called "commando attacks", sure getting civilians as hostages in a theatre is a bit over the edge, but the germans, the spanish and the italian _REGULAR TROOPS_ did the exact same during WW II and the Spanish Revolution wars.

Comment: Re:Why not push toward collapse? (Score 1) 255

by gstoddart (#48619525) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Why the heck not, exactly? The evil needs to be destroyed â" both to end it, and to discourage future evil.

I'm sorry, but increasingly it's hard not to see the US as evil.

Because they've decided it's their right to spy on everyone else on the planet, bomb civilians as collateral damage, and engage in some pretty nasty crap. America has become the enemy of the freedom and rights of everyone else on the planet, but you keep acting like you're the fucking saviors of man kind, and the Champions of Liberty and Justice. That's completely delusional.

This moronic "Yarg, teh communists are teh evil and god said we must kill them" is getting tired.

Are you seriously saying "hey, let's destroy the lives of all Cubans so we can get regime change"? because if that's the case, suddenly I think America needs a regime change

The hysteria of the 60s is 5 decades behind you. Why don't you learn a little about the facts instead of just spouting gibberish?

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