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+ - Google Chrome Is Getting Automatic Blocking Of Malicious Downloads

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Google today announced Chrome is getting an automatic download blocking feature for malware. Google has already added the new functionality to the latest build of Chrome Canary. All versions of Chrome will soon automatically block downloads and let you know in a message at the bottom of your screen. You will be able to “Dismiss” the message, although it’s not clear if you will be able to stop or revert the block.

+ - Amdahl's Law vs. Gustafson-Barsis' Law->

Submitted by CowboyRobot
CowboyRobot writes: The advantage of parallel programming over serial computing is increased computing performance, achieved by way of reducing latency, increasing throughput, and reducing CPU power consumption. Two approaches for optimizing are to make a program run faster with the same workload (reflected in Amdahl's Law) or to run a program in the same time with a larger workload (Gustafson-Barsis' Law). "Gustafson noted that problem sizes grow as computers become more powerful. As the problem size grows, the work required for the parallel part of the problem frequently grows much faster than the serial part. If this is true for a given application, then as the problem size grows the serial fraction decreases and speedup improves...History clearly favors programs attacking and solving larger, more complex problems, so Gustafson's observations fit the historical trend. Nevertheless, Amdahl's Law still haunts you when you need to make an application run faster on the same workload to meet some latency target."
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Comment: Re:Eyeballs and Bugs (Score 5, Interesting) 197

by Sattwic (#45257839) Attached to: How To Better Verify Scientific Research

The problem with the present method is that each paper is scrutinized before publication only by a very small select cohort of experts. And once this decision is taken, its 'published and stays published for ever' (in most cases, discounting the outright fraudulent ones that are retracted)'.

I am a professor of pharmacology and we do critical appraisal of scientific papers in our department all the time for symposiums. You won't know what kind of mistakes my undergrads pick up in journal clubs, of papers published in prestigious journals.

By enough eyeballs, I do mean qualified eyeballs. Not just eyeballs.

Comment: Re:Not Fair (Score 1) 264

by Sattwic (#45257461) Attached to: France Moves To Protect Independent Booksellers From Amazon

The point is, people are voting with their money.

A vote which is both unequal - some people have more money to vote with, after all - and by definition corrupt - every single dollar vote you cast has a direct financial impact on you, after all. It's a fine tool for managing logistics, but completely unfit for making decisions that have long-term effects.

Thank you for highlighting this. Voting with money isn't a saint like everybody seems to think. No to sound too condescending, but again, yours was a much needed post.

Comment: Re:Just another way to destroy ourselves (Score 1) 351

by Sattwic (#43871407) Attached to: India's ICBM Will Carry Multiple Nuclear Warheads

You just had to crawl out of the woodwork to advice us on what our priorities should be, didn't you?

Please educate yourself and please restrain yourself next time India launches a Mars Mission or an ICBM Dev. Programme and remember that:

We need to balance our development. If you can't understand the advantages for India to have a credible deterrence vide ICBMs, you probably should shut up, pretty please.

Comment: Re:When this happens to the US or its allies (Score 1) 406

by Sattwic (#34895118) Attached to: New York Times Reports US and Israel Behind Stuxnet

Isn't this what they said when US troops were about to enter Baghdad?
That the revolutionary guards are so elite and will fight for every street that US army will get bogged down for months fighting a savage urban guerilla warfare with no clear victory in sight?

Well, before the saliva spit by those vocalising that view could dry up in the wind, the US army was smoking out bedazzled Saddam from a pit.

Comment: Keys in strategic places. (Score 1) 763

by Sattwic (#32124068) Attached to: How Do You Handle Your Keys?

Hi there, I also have around 6 keys that I need to carry.
However, I do a bit of strategic placing.
Its all a matter of getting into a rut... create a habit.

When I leave home, I pull out my car key...
and after opening the car, I leave my house keys in them and reaching my office, i retrieve my office keys bunch (which has my cabinet keys) and reach my room.

I have a motorcycle parked at the Office that I use in the noon to get around for lunch, shopping, etc. Its keys are on my Office table. SO at lunch I grab them alone and return them to their resting spot on return. In the evening, when am returning home, I leave my office keys in the car and get the house keys.

Hope this helps.

Comment: Go Open Source (Score 3, Insightful) 213

by Sattwic (#27805513) Attached to: Merck Created Phony Peer-Review Medical Journal

Just as there is the Proprietary vs OS struggle in Software Engg., there is now a parallel in the field of scientific publishing.

Open Access Journals [] are all about free scientific information instead of billions charged by these greedy ba$tard$.

An article costs approx 10$ at publishers like elsevier/merck, which can, like, feed a whole family in my country for a full week!

And the most outrageous part is that sometimes that article would be the result from research funded by my taxmoney and my government while elsevier just earns off it for (virtually) nothing!

Die M$, Die Elsevier, Die Die

Jai Ho Open Source!

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