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Comment: Debian for servers (Score 2) 627

by SatiricComet (#44520703) Attached to: Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?

Since I've given up on using Linux on the desktop, choosing Debian is pretty easy for me. Ubuntu Server doesn't provide me with any features that Debian stable does not, and I quite like the extremely conservative nature of Debian for my simple uses.

On the desktop, I would still prefer Ubuntu (or Xubuntu/Kubuntu/...), mostly just for being so extremely mainstream. If you need something stupid to work, be it binary blob drivers for graphics cards or experimental research projects, chances are someone decided to either package it directly for Ubuntu or they made a how-to specifically for Ubuntu. Distributions like Arch and Slackware provide this strangely satisfying experience of setting up your system exactly how you want it, but continually tweaking the system is a very addictive time sink.

Comment: Re:My best windows admin tips come from *nix (Score 1) 503

by SatiricComet (#41720199) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Securing a Windows Laptop, For the Windows Newbie?

Yes, security is all about layers, but more layers wont matter at all, when what you're trying to protect is in the outer layers. In this case, the user data is all that anyone cares about. If you loose that, it doesn't matter. The extra layer will then save you from spending a couple of hours reinstalling Windows, assuming you trust the rest of the system to be clean? I wouldn't.

GP actually had pretty reasonable advice, but I guess it wouldn't be slashdot unless good advice was modded down in favor of folklore about swap partitions.


+ - Mozilla Launches Ignite Competition, Featuring Cash Prizes->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla and the National Science Foundation are in partnership on "Mozilla Ignite," a competition featuring $500,000 in prize money (contributed by the NSF) for developers who come up with winning apps in five areas: advanced manufacturing, education and workforce technologies, healthcare, public safety, and clean energy/transportation."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Define loudspeaker (Score 2) 135

by SatiricComet (#37834490) Attached to: Loudspeakers around my home:

You need to define what you mean by loudspeaker in the context. In the strictest sense, it could be any box with the sole purpose of reproducing sound. You could also interpret it as being any device with the purpose of producing sound given electrical input, in which case my laptop has two, my washing machine has one and every pair of headphones has two (more if it's one of those fancy 'surround' headphones).


Mozilla Reveals Firefox 4 Plans 570

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the just-make-it-faster dept.
Barence writes "Mozilla has given a breakdown of its plans for Firefox 4. Perhaps the most striking change to Firefox 4 is the user interface, which takes a great deal of inspiration from Google Chrome. 'Something UI designers have known for a long time is that the simpler an interface looks, the faster it will seem,' said director of Firefox Mike Beltzner during the presentation. Also mooted was the ability to give applications such as Gmail and Twitter their own permanent tabs for easy access, and the introduction of a 'switch to tab' button, allowing power users running hundreds of tabs to quickly find the one they want. Beltzner said Mozilla was also looking at replicating Chrome's tactic of silently updating the browser in the background, removing the annoying wait when Firefox first loads up."

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