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User Journal

SatanicPuppy's Journal: Whore-jitsu 2

Journal by SatanicPuppy

So yesterday this article pops up, a piece of article trolling not-so-subtly designed to appeal to people like yours truly (wordy ego-driven serial karma-whores). So I bang out a reasonably obvious reply. Fine, mission accomplished.

Then along comes some AC who decides that I need some kind of affirmational literary blowjob which basically throws my trite and whorish soul into sharp relief, provoking a fit of cleansing-through-self-loathing which is immediately moderated to +5 insightful, and adorned with yet still more affirmation.

Truly, I am the king of whores. I don't do it on purpose, I just can't seem to stfu. I used to write a column in my college newspaper; at least those led to free beer and sex.

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  • Me and the Twitter guy have something in common: if we were great minds, we'd be out doing great things, not sitting around with the belief that our opinions matter.

    Might have been cathartic for you, but I would characterize the statement as only a half-truth.

    Great minds, like all minds, come with all sorts of baggage, which with varying frequencies prevents the greatness in question from doing great things, which are externally visible in some form or another. I don't presently have the time to enumerate any of them, but I'm sure you can guess a few reasons.

    I would also dispute that it is without meaning to dispel statements with no basis in reality. It may not be par

  • Did the relationship and/or sex advice columnists do in scoring?

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