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Comment: Re:Not interested. (Score 1) 97

by SatanClauz (#40189931) Attached to: AT&T Expects Data-Only Phone Plans Within 2 Years
Well, I'm not too far from you!

I'm actually USING a SE W810i as a phone

and an iPod touch for radio, camera, etc...

I have a couple "smart" devices that ATT won't let me use without having a data plan. I've been on the phone for hours with those fucks explaining that I won't do anything to transmit data unless i'm on wifi. It doesn't matter, if they see the IMEI of this model phone that is considered "smart" they will throw on a charge for a data package!

Now... I know I can find a way to spoof the IMEI such that it will look like my "dumb" phone. I just haven't really gave enough shits to actually do it.

Comment: Frank (Score 1) 89

by SatanClauz (#39155809) Attached to: Inventor of the Modern Pinball Machine Dies At 100
I've had the pleasure of sharing a drink with his son, Frank... on a few occasions, actually :)

I had no idea this was his father, Frank was the priest for a short time at a church my family attended. He also performed the service at the funeral.

Rest in piece mr Kordek.

Satanclauz approves of your contribution to gaming.

+ - Redbox DVD daily increase

Submitted by SatanClauz
SatanClauz (741416) writes "Just got this email:

New Daily DVD Rental Price

Redbox is making an announcement about its prices today, and we want to make sure that you hear it from us first.

Starting on Monday, October 31, the daily rental charge for DVDs will change to $1.20 a day.* The price change is due to rising operating expenses, including new increases in debit card fees. Daily rental charges for Blu-ray Discs and video games won't change.** Additional-day charges for DVDs rented before 10/31 won't be affected, either.

In order to make the transition easier, Redbox will discount the first day of all online DVD rentals to $1.00 from 10/31 through 11/30. Additional rental days will be $1.20.***

If you have any questions, please visit There, we've provided additional information.

This marks our first price change in more than eight years as we work hard to keep prices low for our customers.

Thank you,


*Daily rental charge will be $1.27 in Maryland.
**Maryland pricing for Blu-ray and games: $1.59 a day for Blu-ray; $2.12 a day for games.
***Maryland pricing for online reservations: $1.00 the first day, $1.27 for additional days. May not combine offers. Normal rental fees apply after first day."

Whom the gods would destroy, they first teach BASIC.