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Comment: How does slashdot feel about 3d printed guns? (Score 1) 225

by Sark666 (#43153783) Attached to: Wants To Be the Google of 3D-Printable Guns

I've read numerous slashdot posts on freedom to do what someone wants with hardware they have bought, or hacking the device to expand its capabilities or do something with it that wasn't intended. I'm not much of a tinkerer myself but I always agreed with freedom to do whatever you want with what you own. So how do people feel about this? How could it possibly be prevented?

This isn't even a hack; instead of print these parts it's simply print these which so happen to assemble into a firearm.

When I first heard of 3d printing I was really impressed and thought of lots of practical applications for this new tech but for some reason I never thought of weapons. Once I heard of that I thought that this crosses a line. I certainly don't want it where someone can just go home and print a gun. And then I read about ammo being printed:

This is the first time a new tech that could very well become commonplace in the home has given me pause.

And short of making 3d printers illegal, what could be done even if desired?

Comment: Re:Really?!! Shocking!! (Score 1) 91

by Sark666 (#41017971) Attached to: Use Google's Nexus 7 Tablet As a VoIP Phone, For Free

You mention bluetooth. I have tried several voip apps (sip applications) even voice note takers to see if bluetooth recording works. You know how many worked so far? None. Others told me bluetooth recording works with grooveip but I haven't been able to test that as I'm in Canada. I wanted to try android's built in sip dialer but that's disabled in Nexus 7. So if you can name any app besides grooveip that works with bluetooth recording, I'd certainly like to hear it. And I tried my own and borrowed 3 other bluetooth headsets from friend's and the same with all of them.

On a side note, another really disappointing thing about bluetooth with android is audio sync. It's fine with movie's that play back via hardware acceleration but any other movie or games and it's way out of sync. This is supposedly true of most/all android devices and not just the nexus 7. I can re-encode movies(which is a pain) but if I want to play a game I need to swtich to my wired headset. I initially read that this is an issue with bluetooth itself, but my friend's playbook and ipad have perfect sync with bluetooth in games.

So I would deal with the battery issues you mention if I could just find one single app that actually works with bluetooth recording.

Comment: Re:Twins! (Score 3, Insightful) 69

by Sark666 (#40836085) Attached to: Google Delays Nexus Q Launch, Pre-Orders Get It Free

Even with revisions I kind of want this product to fail. I recently purchased a nexus 7 which is a fantastic tablet but the earlier prototype had an sd slot and hdmi port. I suspect as others do, these features were taken out not as a cost cutting measure, but to steer you towards the Q.

If users have a nexus 7 with hdmi out most would say good enough and be happy with that. The nexus Q has more ports for audiophiles but the vast majority will be happy simply using hdmi to the hd display and then to whatever audio system they have for that.

And with hdmi, I could browse the web on a large screen, run games, apps etc. With this it's just stream content from your play purchases (no local content) and oh you can have a friend come over and queue (queue get it? see how smart they are?) their content that they have from the play store.

So it's pluses are neat queuing functionality and additional audio ports

it's cons are: no local content. can't run games, apps to your tv. and it's 300 bucks.

Scratch that. I don't kind of want it to fail, I hope it bombs. Reason being if it's a success less and less tablets will have hdmi in the future.

Again the nexus 7 is an amazing tablet, I just wish I had the version that wasn't downgraded for the validity of this device.

Comment: Re:Vale Linux (Score 2) 167

by Sark666 (#40652799) Attached to: Valve Continues Recruiting Top Linux Talent

The only motive where this makes sense to me is because of a dedicated platform using linux. Valve's a great company, but I don't think they'd port to linux just cause 'it's a good thing' to quote John Carmack on his motives for having linux versions of past games. Sadly, even id doesn't do that anymore. What other motive could there be? it's not like the linux market share is growing.

What might make more sense is port steam and these games to android and sell them on the market, but that goes against valve's vision of using steam or something other means of distribution.

Comment: Good. I want this product to bomb anyway (Score 1) 241

by Sark666 (#40558067) Attached to: Nexus Q Stretches "Made in USA" Label

I'm actually an android fan, but I don't get this device. What I have against it is I read that previously the nexus 7 was to have hdmi out, but why have that when you can buy a nexus q?! And why have an sdcard slot when you can get it all from the cloud?

Seriously, besides additional outputs and having friends over being able to queue up their media (but not any media on their actual device) why is this worth $300?!

I would have been completely happy with hdmi on the nexus 7 instead. If these two moves take off I think sdcard slots and onboard hdmi will start to become a thing of the past.

Comment: Re:Ask any game developer (Score 1) 240

by Sark666 (#40486451) Attached to: Facebook iOS App Ditching HTML5 For ObjectiveC

It doesn't happen as often, but back in the day id coded games cross-platform, and certainly beyond casual games.

And valve brought over their games to MAC (and they didn't use opengl on windows so they had to port that to opengl) and now they are releasing their games on linux.

So I would think a game dodges a lot of the issues of apps (widgets, ui layout etc) as a game is almost 'sandboxed' in it's own environment.

Comment: Re:Let me get this straight: (Score 1) 213

They also lost the ability to set overscan on s-video out. I have a 9800 that I use for that and I game a little with it still. I needed to update the driver and lost that ability. yeah I know, who uses s-video still, well I do on one tv that I haven't replaced yet and I driver update shouldn't mean I lose features.

Point being, it's one of those things they won't go back and fix either.

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