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Comment Re:THIS I'm OK with. (Score 2) 53

Why is it a bad thing? let's say for sake of argument that the tech works and it's significantly safer than human drivers. Is it still a bad thing? I read that there are on average 40,000 fatalities due to driving in the US each year. I can only imagine the world wide figure. And that doesn't include devastating accidents where someone is crippled for example and other serious injuries. No solution is perfect but lets say the figures drop to 10,000. Are you still against it? And are you only against it because of tech replacing people? Would you rather the figure stay at 40,000 simply for the sake of keeping humans doing this? (driving in this case)

You say tech is supposed to help people not replace them, I'm sorry but that's pretty much what all technology does. It does what was once previously done by a human. From bank tellers to automotive assembly to farming equipment and on and on. I once read an article talking about technology and it said it's going to eliminate capitalism. Capitalism at it's heart is to pay a human being for goods or services that person provides. Well, technology devalues that work and makes it cheaper.

So if you are against technology replacing people well you are pretty much against technology in general. What was once man work becomes machine work. It's been going on for ages since the invention of the plow, it's just that now we are going to see this accelerate at a very dramatic rate.

Comment Re:Apple may outlive Acer - But will they make PCs (Score 1) 417

IBM needed three years to make it in house, but they only gave themselves one due to the apple threat. Because of this they had to use off the shelf components with the only thing proprietary being the bios. Compaq reverse engineered and the rest is history.

In doing this IBM.created the standard pc buy I often wondered if IBM did have the time how different the picture would be.

Comment Re:Been there, done that. (Score 2) 52

To back this further, see the episode the nature of things called lights out!

One I interesting bit they noticed nurses working night shifts had a higher rate of breast cancer. This was suspected to be related to their prolonged elevated melatonin due to too long light exposure. Their solution was to give them glasses filtering out blue light while working.

Comment Re:Not their fault (Score 1) 259

I always kind of wished this wasn't possible. Has it always been possible? Meaning sites like http://ip-to-country.webhostin... that track this stuff, how do they know some new isp has this block of ip addresses and is from country X? Was this possible in say 1997?

For ex. if a brand new small local isp springs up is there ever a window where their block of ip addresses is not yet geo-located yet?

Comment How does slashdot feel about 3d printed guns? (Score 1) 225

I've read numerous slashdot posts on freedom to do what someone wants with hardware they have bought, or hacking the device to expand its capabilities or do something with it that wasn't intended. I'm not much of a tinkerer myself but I always agreed with freedom to do whatever you want with what you own. So how do people feel about this? How could it possibly be prevented?

This isn't even a hack; instead of print these parts it's simply print these which so happen to assemble into a firearm.

When I first heard of 3d printing I was really impressed and thought of lots of practical applications for this new tech but for some reason I never thought of weapons. Once I heard of that I thought that this crosses a line. I certainly don't want it where someone can just go home and print a gun. And then I read about ammo being printed:

This is the first time a new tech that could very well become commonplace in the home has given me pause.

And short of making 3d printers illegal, what could be done even if desired?

Comment Re:Really?!! Shocking!! (Score 1) 91

You mention bluetooth. I have tried several voip apps (sip applications) even voice note takers to see if bluetooth recording works. You know how many worked so far? None. Others told me bluetooth recording works with grooveip but I haven't been able to test that as I'm in Canada. I wanted to try android's built in sip dialer but that's disabled in Nexus 7. So if you can name any app besides grooveip that works with bluetooth recording, I'd certainly like to hear it. And I tried my own and borrowed 3 other bluetooth headsets from friend's and the same with all of them.

On a side note, another really disappointing thing about bluetooth with android is audio sync. It's fine with movie's that play back via hardware acceleration but any other movie or games and it's way out of sync. This is supposedly true of most/all android devices and not just the nexus 7. I can re-encode movies(which is a pain) but if I want to play a game I need to swtich to my wired headset. I initially read that this is an issue with bluetooth itself, but my friend's playbook and ipad have perfect sync with bluetooth in games.

So I would deal with the battery issues you mention if I could just find one single app that actually works with bluetooth recording.

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