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by SargentDU (#46335935) Attached to: 'Google Buses' Are Bad For Cities, Says New York MTA Official
Well, renovation of buildings tend to cost more than razing the place and building to your needs. My work is an example. The building my state government office is in was built to be a small junior college that out grew it and moved out. The building was rebuilt leaving the main parts of the two floors but neglecting the basement and the only reason was the political flack if the building had been razed scared the people who controlled the money, and it was rebuilt, but cost 1.5 times the cost of razing and building to need would have.

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by SargentDU (#45466029) Attached to: How Munich Abandoned Microsoft for Open Source
@zlives ... No, for freedom, is how I read it. They had older machines that worked fine with Win2K but would not work well with XP or newer, so they decided to migrate to Linux for the freedom from having to do as their Computer Operating System Company demanded. This way, they could upgrade the hardware as they saw fit to upgrade.

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by SargentDU (#45267543) Attached to: Apple 27-inch iMac With Intel's Haswell Inside Tested
Our work IMacs are pretty kicking machines. We have 2012 models with 3.4 GHz Intel Core I7s, 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 and 1 TB harddrives networked with Apple Servers and our up time is wonderful. Our support is a 3 person crew with only one really doing the hardware or software maintenance while the others keep the DBs and other special software going. Other agencies depend on the organizations ITD and they have windows machines but cannot boast of the uptime and productivity we have.

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