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Comment: Re:Dupes (Score 1) 739

by SargentDU (#48276825) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare
Benjowler, when over half of the people decide to let others work and sweat to make the money and then use the political process to take it from them to support the ones who won't work, the nation is doomed to fall into poverty. This redistribution will probably convince many tired working people to just do as the majority and throw in the towel and get on the government dole too.

Comment: Re:Ain't no body got time for that (Score 1) 606

by SargentDU (#46335935) Attached to: 'Google Buses' Are Bad For Cities, Says New York MTA Official
Well, renovation of buildings tend to cost more than razing the place and building to your needs. My work is an example. The building my state government office is in was built to be a small junior college that out grew it and moved out. The building was rebuilt leaving the main parts of the two floors but neglecting the basement and the only reason was the political flack if the building had been razed scared the people who controlled the money, and it was rebuilt, but cost 1.5 times the cost of razing and building to need would have.

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