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Comment: Re:Long View (Score 1) 469

[snip] the employees are going to damned sure be loyal, because they won't have a choice... as you've aptly pointed out, where the hell else are they going to go that pays that well for so little?

Golden handcuffs are still chains of bondage, that is true enough.

At least they'll have an opportunity to make some intelligent decisions about their extra income, perhaps some might start that nest-egg towards retirement they've been wanting to kick off but haven't had the funds to do so until now.

As a general comment, life can be pretty tight financially when earning less than $40k. For example here in Auckland I'm paying $35kp/a just in rent for a nasty cold 3brm house with no heating/aircon, no carpeting, peeling paint and a bushy garden/yard that costs me another $1.5kp/a to keep tidy.

Those golden handcuffs on offer sound .. surprisingly attractive, now that I think about it. :)

Comment: Re:Decent (Score 1) 469

If you honestly don't think that prices at stores / restaurants will increase to reflect that higher minimum wage, you know nothing about economics.

Precisely and well said. This is (another) great reason why people who like to clamour "there should be a tax on that" to every perceived injustice should be ignored (or preferably, loudly refuted) for their short-sightedness.

Increasing minimum wage, 'taxing the rich' and slapping tariffs and fees around will certainly have consequences, however they may not necessarily be the intended consequences.

Maybe raising minimum wage to $15/hr in this case is actually the right thing to do, but such a decision isn't the simple matter a lot of people make it out to be.

Comment: Re:Decent (Score 1) 469

So as far as I'm concerned him giving up his salary was a great business decision which results in him having the ability to say he doesn't make that much money...

Would it be cheeky of me to suggest this results in a win/win for his staff, his business and himself personally?

I know he'll gather a bunch of ancillary benefits by doing so however he's not breaking the law by doing so. Perhaps my judgement is clouded because his 'use of the system' seems a whole lot less shady than the Big Money game MS, Google, Apple, et al play to avoid corporate tax.

Comment: Re:Larger landing area (Score 3, Interesting) 340

Thanks Bruce, it's often in these little nuances that I catch myself staring into space, contemplating the sheer enormity of what has been achieved here. The skills of these people - to do what they're doing with the budget at their disposal - almost completely wrecks my personal 'scale of difficulty'. I thought I understood what they meant by 'It really IS rocket science,' but I'm really not even close.

We really must be living in the future: small, agile, private enterprises taking the reigns of progress from state-level actors. NASA are by no means obsolete, if anything they've adapted rather well for a bureaucracy of their size and are continuing to do amazing science.

Budgets might be tighter than we'd like but I can't help feeling like we're entering a golden era of space exploration and related technologies.

Ooooh.. uh, does this make me a Space Nutter?

Comment: Re:A first: We should follow Germany's lead (Score 1) 698

by Sardaukar86 (#49483287) Attached to: 'We the People' Petition To Revoke Scientology's Tax Exempt Status

Ugh, that the second comment of yours I've tried to mod 'Funny'.. keep getting 'resource no longer valid' although according to my profile I've a few points left.

Sorry pal, it looks like No Mods For You (to paraphrase another familiar class of Nazi :-)

Comment: Re:Start with an erroneous *world view* ... (Score 1) 181

by Sardaukar86 (#49458735) Attached to: Autonomous Cars and the Centralization of Driving

And will I be able to buy that vehicle for $40,000, put almost 200,000 miles on it, carry five occupants, and still drive on the highway at 75 miles per hour?

Please don't move the goalposts - he answered your original concern fairly succinctly. If he's anything like most nerds I know he won't appreciate having to puff and run to keep up! :-)

Comment: Re:Isreal (Score 3, Interesting) 383

Global humanity fucked up when we let Isreal have nuclear weapons and shit all over the NPT.

I'm no Zionist but if there's one country in the world that needs the bomb it's Israel. They've had the technology for years and have never (to my knowledge) threatened their use. If I was in their position I'd sure as Hell want a deterrent from the ever-present threat of the crazed Muslims and their open hatred of the Jewish people.

I'm not saying they're saints or that they should be free from criticism, just that I believe that them maintaining nuclear strike capabilities does make a certain amount of sense.

Comment: Re:I lost my ability Toucan (Score 1) 383

In all the years, this is probably the most ridiculous article I've read on /. What does this have to do with anything tech related?

We do discuss a wide variety of topics here and whilst I agree this isn't particularly technical, nuclear weapons, the risks of proliferation and the behaviour of state-level actors seeking to arm themselves thus are very much topics of interest to myself and many of my fellow nerds here on the 'dot.

I empathise with your frustration, however I would point out that there are often days when there's absolutely nothing on the front page that I find interesting enough to click. Best to just sigh and move on. :)

Comment: Re:Not the same. (Score 1) 106

by Sardaukar86 (#49396347) Attached to: World's First 1 Megawatt All-Electric Race Car

Agree. A race track up Pike's Peak, once paved, is exactly the same as the 1,000 other race track's up Mountain's like Pike's Peak. The track up Mount Kilimanjaro is impressive. So is the one up Mount Everest. Hopefully, they won't pave those tracks or they'll be as dumbed down and easy as the Pike's Peak hill climb. *sigh* I'm gonna go watch some NASCAR and pine for the gool ol' days.

Dude, you missed a couple!

other race track's up Mountain's like
Hopefully, they won't pave those track(')s
pine for the gool ol' day(')s

Gotta be consistent! ;-)

You scratch my tape, and I'll scratch yours.