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Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 173

The F22 Raptor is probably better suited at air combat against another 4-5th gen fighter.

The new Sukoi T-50 is more of a 4.5 gen fighter with frontal stealth but poor-to-medium side and rear radar signature and heat trails due to the external double-thrusters.

Unless they come in head-to-head, I dont think a T-50 has a chance against a F35. And dog fighting (avoidance of which is the whole point of stealth) is best serverd to the bi-axial thrust-vectoring of the F22.

Comment Re:Tesla not on that list? (Score 2) 535

While I replace my engine in my turbo Caliber, I bought a junker daily driver: a Saturn SL-1 1996. Only 132k KM on it. It drives better than the new Pontiac Sunfire I had bought in 96 and shows no rusts. I can't stop kicking the plastic door so much it's fun.

Should have bought a Saturn back in 96.

This shows that sometimes, good stuff can go extinct. And that includes phones.

We all love our smart phones (currently sport a 6+) but the old phones were good at what they were designed, too. And very cheap.

My 6+ cost me more than my Saturn!

Comment Re:Unversal search (Score 5, Insightful) 132

Hum. Apple TV has existed for years. They just never marketed it.

This new one is just a a 3rd gen.

It's always been an internet device. And it can access content off your networked Macs. I use RipIt to rip my DVDs into iTunes for access off all my devices (iOS, Apple TV & other Macs).

The Apple TV is simply a purpose- specialized screen-less iPhone, essentially.

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