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+ - James Bond's Lotus Esprit "Submarine Car" sold in auction in London->

Submitted by Saphati
Saphati writes: This past Sunday, the James Bond Lotus Esprit "Submarine Car" sold for £550,000 (£616,000 after 12% buyers premium) at an auction in London. It sold for much less than than the estimate of £650,000 — £950,000.

The jewel of the auction was a 1955 Jaguar D-Type that sold for £4,000,000.

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+ - Nissan introduces a smart watch->

Submitted by Saphati
Saphati writes: Nissan introduces a smart watch that is very cool. Even the packaging is cool. It interfaces with your car (new Nissans only I assume), your phone, your social network, and your body. If your heart rate is too high, it suggest you slow your pace.
Mashable and an article on it.

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+ - New Small Claims Patten cour in UK->

Submitted by
Saphati writes: "The UK government introduced new rules on 1 October 2012, ..."which created a new procedure for dealing with low value claims in the Patents County Court (“PCC”). These are designed to deal with various intellectual property (“IP”) claims worth £5,000 or less."

That should make it harder to bully small patent holders in the UK. It also means that the patent courts will be freed up and able to hear bigger cases faster.

It seems the UK government is not totally useless."

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Comment: If Saudi Arabia had their way... (Score 1) 459

by Saphati (#41003575) Attached to: Saudi Arabia Objects To Proposed<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.gay gTLD, Among Others
We would be fucking young boys, burning our women, fucking sheep and farm animals, drinking at home where nobody can see, beating our women, attacking anyone who who was different, never taking responsibility for our actions, burning books.... Thank Allah they are not a world power. Their backwards and narrow thinking is a threat to our freedom.

Comment: Anyone who posts will be a terrorist suspect (Score 1) 207

by Saphati (#40694407) Attached to: Trolling Al Qaeda... For Peace?
These sites are monitored by many governments. If you start posting to one of them, you will go onto a watch list as a terrorist suspect. Then, when you fly to another country or back to the USA, you will be seriously questioned. "Because the government told me so." will not work. I would not do it. Never trust any government.

Comment: 4 months in Shanghai was too long (Score 5, Interesting) 58

I spent 4 months in Shanghai and was considering moving there. Shanghai is an amazing city. However, by the end of the 4 months I could not get out of there fast enough. Their Internet censoring/monitoring slows down your Internet connection so much it is sometimes not useable. Skype and many other programs/websites we use regularly in the west are not legal in China. Some are blocked for political reasons and other are blocked so people are forced to use local versions of the products. The local versions all have built in monitoring for the government. Almost all expats in China use VPN connections for their daily work. Hong Kong is the complete opposite. Nothing is censored there and their Internet connections are extremely fast! I can live in HK.

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