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Comment Re:missing.... (Score 1) 160

I've stayed in Cambodia for about 3+ months, and it's a blast, most likely country I would live if I had the money and a big problem with the law. You can also get Cambodian citizenship for $20-25k in under-the-table -deal, and before that a year long visa is just $250-$275 and nothing else. But how do you get missing there? It's not like there's anybody you could ask if xxx is "really missing" or just having his daily dose of almost-free alcohol.

Comment 2015 The year of the linux desktop? (Score 1) 441

To be serious, my work required a Windows for the last 5-6 years. I just installed Ubuntu about a month ago and the progress done during those years has been amazing, everything worked out of the box, and worked better than on Windows.

Unity is pretty bad and Gnome3 wasn't working for me, but I just came back to Gnome2 and it's been working really nice. I have everything I need on my tiny desktop and no stupid bugs. Only problem was with my second monitor that I couldn't get working in other than mirror mode. I had Xinerama a bazillion years ago and could make it work with every setup, but now that I didn't have to touch the config files to make everything work, I didn't want to.

But 200M users? Not very likely

Comment Re:have we see the death of RPN? (Score 1) 313

Automatic transmission doesn't have all the information the driver has. It doesn't know you're coming to a corner and shouldn't waste time changing gears as you're going to brake in a half a second. It doesn't know there's a uphill ahead and you're going to need that extra torque, so it might change to a higher gear just to change back very soon.

The reason computer chips are so small is computers don't eat much.