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Comment Misunderstanding the situation (Score 1) 481

"It's unlikely that a high school student would come away with any other conclusion than the police are a fearful group to be avoided at all costs,"

Of course they will 'come away with' that conclusion. The went IN having already concluded that, based on the evidence before them.

Comment Re:Why is Boeing responsible? (Score 1) 142

"I'd assume it would be unambiguous too, it's implied that they will operate, and operate in the environment for which they were sold."

That's a wildly flawed assumption. Almost comically flawed assumption. Boeing specs are exhausting. Their resistance to EMR would have been detailed and thoroughly tested, as would every other operating parameter.

Boeing typically writes the specs and vendors build to those specs. Perhaps they should use the same displays that the 787 has. Those are quite nice.;)

Comment Re:Shocked! Shocked I say! (Score 1) 401

Not to split hairs, but I meant 'Never,ever happen', not 'Never, ever happened'. Past tense vs present tense, and those examples are way past tense. I don't think that would ever happen now, that the AF would intend to let a A/C be developed for the Navy first and then adapt it for their use.

Comment Re:Shocked! Shocked I say! (Score 2) 401

"Did you know though that the excellent F-14 was built in large part from spare parts (radar, engines, etc.) from the turkey F-111 program?"

Ya, vaguely familiar. Spent my 20's at Miramar working on F-14A+'s.

"It makes a lot more sense to first build a plane for the navy, and then have the air force adopt it."

Never, ever happen. AF is a bigger contract and has WAY more political clout. They always trump the squids.

Comment Shocked! Shocked I say! (Score 4, Insightful) 401

When has this misguided notion that we can have 1 base A/C be all things to all branches EVER worked out?

F-111 anyone?

The F-14 was a great A/C. For the Navy. The F-15 is one of the best ever, but would be useless as a carrier based A/C.
Anyone around fro all the fun and games that was involved in the F/A-18A rollout, and what was required for that to become a useful platform?

This flawed paradigm is why the A-6 was around for so long, they couldn't field a suitable replacement.

I expect that by the time the F-35 is out and working for everyone, it will cost the same as 3 well run, more narrowly scoped projects.

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