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Comment: Re:And does the client cache this key? (Score 1) 219

That doesn't work, if you have chosen to trust only the original key and it's fingerprint. I've done that with all of my friends, and it works very well. As well it prevents man in the middle attacks, and totally blocks any also CA abuse attempts. Don't to trust CAs, trust only predefined fingerprints.

Comment: Re:Windows has been "over" for me for years (Score 1) 863

by Sami Lehtinen (#43461149) Attached to: ZDNet Proclaims "Windows: It's Over"
I had been using Unix early 90s. Then I used Windows and played with different Linux distros. When Windows Vista came out, I decide I don't want to use Windows anymore and started using Ubuntu, which was delightul compared to late 90s X desktops. Since 2006 I've been very happy (X)Ubuntu 64 bit user. I also hosted a few web sites using Java, Tomcat, MySQL and Windows, all my friends were like, Windows wtf...

Comment: Hello world fail? (Score 1) 89

by Sami Lehtinen (#42565645) Attached to: The Geek Art Movement
I'm quite sure there are plenty of other fails in that image, but I just opened and it hit me straight away. REM Balh blah @echo off @echo Hello world! Why? There is @echo off, if next echo line is prefixed with @sign? Also that REM will be printed out if it isn't prefixed with @or is not after the echo off line. So much fail. Can anyone spot other massive fails from it?

Comment: Same situation in Finland (Score 2) 105

In Finland they have same problem. They're adverising 4G features, even if those aren't supported in Finnish frequencies. Finnish operators are also advertising DC-HSPA as 4G even if it isn't. As far as I know only LTE Advanced would be real 4G. This is just like LED-televisions. Well, why they still got that LCD element there? It shouldn't be needed at all when you got real LED-tv.

Comment: Yahoo - 500 free disposable addresses (Score 1) 213

by Sami Lehtinen (#36679530) Attached to: 7 Days In Email Hell
Also Yahoo provides free disposable addresses. You can have 500 free active addresses and then just delete some old ones if you need new ones. Those also clearly identify the service those are linked to. So it's easy to know when something leaks. I got really worried when I started to get spam to email address that I had only given to one bank. It makes you think, about customer information security. Yahoo disposable addresses

Comment: High server loads = huge lag after outage (Score 1) 102

by Sami Lehtinen (#36350878) Attached to: Usenet With a 30 Year Lag
This is exactly what we get, when services are tried to be run too efficiently. Like utilizing nearly 100% of resources provided by server. If server is down for just a while, it'll take ages to catch up. At least three news servers which I were using had all normal load over 90%. Which meant that if server went down for a day, it took easily one to two weeks to catch up!

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