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Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 117

Which religion has the longer history of slavery? Christianity, since it was founded 600 years before the muslim religion. And who came up with the crusades? And there are plenty of christians out there today who believe they are doing god's will by shooting those they oppose - "no more baby parts".

The guy's a terrorist just as much as any other terrorist. They all say they are doing the will of god.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 116

You might want to read the final chapter in the bible - the apocalypse. Doesn't sound all that full of loving-kindness. Also, Paul told early christian slaves that if their master would not grant them freedom, they should be content to be slaves. And this practice continued for almost 2 millennia. Or have you forgotten how runaway slaves were treated? And how they were "recruited" in the first place?

Comment Re: But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 117

Nobody evr said the kkk was a christian organization - just that their members are white christian racists. See the difference? Of course not.

Religious extremism, whether by muslims, christians, or anyone else, is the problem. It may manifest itself in different ways, but nonetheless, it's the same problem.

Also, the current assault on women's right to have an abortion, which is vocally backed by fundie christians, if successful, is going to kill a lot of women. If men could get pregnant, you'd be able to get the morning-after pill at the local convenience store along with a 6-pack and some Doritos.

Comment Re: But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 0) 116

I think it's time that the SJWs realize that second-wave feminism is obsolete. The belief that gender is a social construct, which underlies much of their belief system (women learn their gender roles in society and are kept down by the patriarch) has been disproved. The third wave is dying, and the fourth is confused, in part because in many ways, the narrative of the male patriarchy oppressing women is being displaced by both the changing reality (more women than men are graduating and going into professions), and the realization that economic disparities between the 1% and the rest of the population are the big issue.

The so-called fourth wave looks pale and limited compared to demands of equality for all.

Comment Re: Not only am I bothred by the phone-home, (Score 1) 242

Apple is a walled garden, and Microsoft is trying to turn Windows, as much as possible, into the same thing.

Google has no information on an android phone if you disable data, since it will never talk to the network. It also tells you what each app is asking to share if you do. And you can always side-load.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 1) 176

Any good humor should prick the conscience, because all humor ultimately makes fun of someone, even if it's just self-deprecating humor. Even "If I throw a white hat in the red sea, what does it become?" "Wet" has an implied "No, it doesn't become red, you dummy".

We're a cruel species, who watch (let our kids watch) all sorts of graphic bloody killings on TV and in movies, for entertainment.

Comment Re:UIDs (Score 1) 15

Glad to hear things are working out with that family.

Interesting times here (as in no good deed goes unpunished). One of my sisters said there was a woman staying at the crisis center who needed someone to look after her dog because they were kicking her out (she had over-stayed her time) and she'd have to go to a homeless shelter. I was told she left home because she had an abusive partner ...

So I agreed to rent her out my spare bedroom ....

Turns out she has most of the earmarks of a sociopath. She didn't leave home voluntarily - the police had forced her, not her hubby,out because SHE was drunk and whacked out and physically abusive (do you know how rare it is that the woman has to leave, even if it's her fault?). Lovely :-( She lies and exaggerates all the time, makes up things to manipulate people, blames everyone else for her problems, and things get really ugly when she doesn't get her way. I caught her making up stuff again last night, and she defended it by saying (again) that everyone lies, it's normal, that's the way she was brought up, etc. - any excuse to avoid taking personal responsibility for her actions.

She has no real education (high school drop-out, the government paid for a short course at a "beauty academy". So, she now claims that she knows all about medicine, etc ... but it gets worse.

On the one hand, she claims she can get a job within a week. On the other, it's the fault of the french-speaking majority that she's now stuck on welfare because nobody's going to hire someone who doesn't speak french. She didn't learn it in school because "the french they teach is Parisian french." "The french are garbage, rude, trash, blah blah blah." I guess nobody warned her my two daughters are half-french. Turns out that, despite being in her early 50s, and living here most of her life, she's an idiot. "It's the same as you - you don't speak french." I pointed out that I speak, read, and write both languages, and that I am not treated rudely by the french, to the contrary ... and no, I didn't learn it in high school. The cultural prejudice is strong with this one.

She's also paranoid, which doesn't help.

So, quite and adventure. My sister said that they were supposed to get her to see a doctor about her mental problems by today, but that's not happening. We (my sister and I) have given her until Monday to start smartening up our out she goes. It seemed to work for a few days, until she started lying again. Too bad, because her dog really likes it here, and in just over a month, he's filled out quite a bit.

In other news, , on Monday my retinal specialist said I only need to go back for a bit of laser to zap some blood vesseis in my good eye (there had been a couple of days of bleeding), and that the increasing blurriness of the vision with my bad eye was caused by retinal thinning - something I had never heard of before - learn something new every day. They'll probably have to do another vitrectomy, but it's not as bad as it looks. You're awake for the whole thing, but there's no pain whatsoever. It's the weeks you have to go around with your head pointing straight down that are (literally) a pain in the neck.

Going down to -20 in the day, -25 at night tomorrow, so dog walks are going to be QUICK (in part because Toby is 13-14 years old, and he really doesn't like the cold any more. He was so motionless lying on my bed that I thought that yesterday might be the end of him, but he's better today. So, odd as it may seem with all that's going on, I'm happy :-)

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1, Troll) 117

And Americans are awfully quiet when christian politicians harass transsexuals with bathroom bills, and christians try to introduce bills that would authorize the killing of LGBTti people (fortunately, after the paperwork was filed, a judge ruled the attempt unconstitutional).

Muslim extremists, Christian extremists - they're just two sides of the same coin. Fortunately, the majority in both camps don't go along with this crap. As for the SJWs, they're so full of it that the only people listening to them are other SJW wannabes.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 176

I gave up swearing years ago, along with a few other choice words, in the real life world. Took only a week, no big deal. You'd be amazed at how many people go "really?" like they couldn't do it. Or maybe they can't.

At least people know that when I'm with them, they might have to apologize for something I say, but NOT the way I say it. Plus, people are more likely not to get distracted from your point if you're swearing like you could blister the paint off a battleship.

Comment Re:Interesting. (Score 2) 176

Someone can't take a joke. It's funny because it's about the "New and Improved Glorious Leader of the DPRK".

So here's another one to offend you:

Three women are standing in a row. The first on is 5' tall, the second one is 5'6, the third one is 6' tall.

Q. Which one's the transsexual?

A. The one with the turtleneck.

Does posting that joke make me a transphobic bigot?

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