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Comment: Just wanted you youngsters to know (Score 2) 401

by Sam_In_The_Hills (#44658595) Attached to: New, Canon-Faithful Star Trek Series Is In Pre-Production
that some of us who watched the first season of the first series in it's first run, before reruns, are still alive and kicking. Of course back then we watched it on black and white T.V. My brothers and I each got a plastic model of the Enterprise for Christmas. Wonder whatever happened to them? The models, not my brothers.

+ - How the size of West Virginia compares to the Universe->

Submitted by Sam_In_The_Hills
Sam_In_The_Hills (458570) writes "A 14 year old California student with the help of his twin brother has created a flash animation that zooms from the Planck Length out to the known universe. Simply amazing to watch and contemplate.
OK it's really about the scale of everything in the universe but since I live in West Virginia and it makes an appearance I had to mention it."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Working in the worlds tallest smokestack. (Score 2) 407

by Sam_In_The_Hills (#36875228) Attached to: Massive Solar Tower Planned For Arizona
A few years ago I worked at a power plant that had at one time the worlds tallest smokestack (now fifth)

It's about half the height of the proposed tower. The smokestack had a massively wicked updraft at the ground level without any additional heat gathering skirting. There were signs on the doors into the stack warning you to not put you hands near the edges of the doors. The suction made the heavy metal doors slam shut and would take your fingers off if you weren't careful.

Overhead view:,+3,+Marshall,+West+Virginia+26041&hl=en&ll=39.829961,-80.815859&spn=0.010596,0.016029&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=44.52365,65.654297&geocode=FVD2XwIdi9Uu-w&t=h&z=16

When the power plant was built the answer to air pollution concerns was to build giant smoke stacks so you sent the smoke so high into the atmosphere it would be someone else's problem.

Comment: "The Long Walk" Fraud? (Score 1) 76

by Sam_In_The_Hills (#34481720) Attached to: Tour of the Closet Sized Living Quarters On ISS
Don't anyone tell him but the book he's reading is probably a fraud.
BBC - Walking the talk?

"From the start, a ferocious controversy has raged about whether anyone really could achieve this superhuman feat. Critics particularly questioned one chapter in the book where the walkers apparently see a pair of yetis."

Comment: How to protect yourself from Righthaven (Score 1) 253

by Sam_In_The_Hills (#33488726) Attached to: Senate Candidate Sued By Copyright Troll
At least according to this web site: Before It's News

"We've been wondering how they can get away with that legally and it turns out an obscure section of the DMCA concerning the "safe harbor" noticing proceeders requires that in order for a website to qualify for "safe harbor" and thus require a copyright complainant to first give the webmaster notice and time to take down the material before suing them, requires (amongst other things) that each website register their contact information with the United States Copyright office.."

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.