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Comment: Re:The World's Not So Top Cybercriminals? (Score 1) 175

by Salty Moran (#15395423) Attached to: The World's Top Cybercriminals
First of all, the AC's point still stands, you just have to flip it. A guy running a commercial porn site, under your rules, is a better cybercriminal than Kevin Mitnick.

Regardless, it IS illegal in many jurisdictions for people under a certain age to view pornographic material.

Just because it isn't a federal law doesn't mean it isn't illegal.

"Best" is subjective. Under no meaningful definition of the phrase "best cybercriminal" is being caught worthy of any significant consideration. As another example, if you went down that road, an 11 year old who runs Quickfrye or AOHELL without being caught is "better" at cybercrime than Mitnick was.

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