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Comment: Tflops versus CPU's worth it? (Score 1) 108

by Saltine Cracker (#16829408) Attached to: TOP500 Supercomputer Sites For 2006
I find this list amazing simply in sheer numbers on it. But I'm called to question the nature of whether he who has the most money wins the contest or not. I mean #1 on the list has five times the number of processors that #2 does for less than 3 times the Tfops. I'm not a super computer clustering genius, the largest system I've worked on is the Aeroshark Linux System and NASA GRC ~128 nodes, but doesn't it just boil down to who can spend the most money to put the largest system together?

How bout some Kudos for the Hitachi systems with less than 100 processors making the top 100?

Comment: Re:Well congatulations. (Score 1) 1148

by ammie (#12782964) Attached to: Nerds Make Better Lovers
I figured he just had a supermodel complex. I've met types that do.
He's doting enough, makes lots of jokes, and tons of time for me.
I just didn't expect that my 19-year-old look with the 30-year-old-salary was a *standard* instead of a *perk*.

In his defense, he reminds me that I'm hot now, appreciated, and loves to cuddle, though I expect this is an excuse to sleep in...
User Journal

Journal: September 10th, two years later.

Journal by Saltine Cracker
Terrorist supporting dictatorships in two middle eastern nations have been removed in the span of 9 weeks of military activity in months since 9/11/2001.

Afganistan continues to be an issue as the US probably made a mistake in attempting to garner the support of tribal warlords by allowing them to continue to produce opium and supply the world heroin.
User Journal

Journal: Baghdad Liberated

Journal by Saltine Cracker
Woke up this morning, on this the 21st day of the war to liberate Iraq from tyranny, to hear and see a giant statue of Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein being torn down by Iraqi citizens with the help of a US military vehicle used to lift and tow armored military vehicles when they get stuck, flip over and so on. It was a beautiful site to see the realization of the liberation of an oppressed people.

"I'm not afraid of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens." -- Woody Allen