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Comment Similar, but slightly different (Score 1) 284

We are instructed to call 911 first and then notify security. We are a local government, with actual police officers providing security and an EMS station on our campus, but we get help on the way and then let the officers, know we have a situation so they can prepare to bypass our security measures and guide the paramedics to the location of the problem. It also allows a path to be cleared to expedite the movement of the paramedics into and out of the building, and allows the police to clear out any spectators who might gather at the scene of the problem. Notifying security first is not unreasonable, but I think getting medical help rolling first is preferred.

Comment Might have cheated the test so they could import (Score 1) 411

I had an older model VW TDi. At the time, the only diesels you could get in the US were VWs and Mercedes. I asked a mechanic at the dealership why, and he told me a lot of diesels won't meet US standards for cleanliness, so they stay in Europe and Asia. I wonder if VW gamed them to keep importing diesel vehicles - we diesel heads are a small, but cultish bunch of people. 45 mpg was pretty much my avg no running the AC, around 40 with the AC on. Just in case you were wondering. And since people are misinformed, the increase in milage is more than offset by the price of the fuel. When I first got mine, diesel was cheaper than regular gas and it was a huge money saver, but once low-sulphur was mandated, diesel became more expensive than premium gas and it was a money loser.

Comment I was taught in my CWP class (Score 1) 369

by a cop: if you are at the point where you are shooting someone, you shoot to kill. Period. Center mass is where your vitals are, and it's a relatively easy target since you can't really move it around like your head. BTW, "less than lethal" has come to mean "I can use this with relative impunity."

Submission + - Banned security researcher hacks, commandeers plane. (

Salo2112 writes: A SECURITY RESEARCHER kicked off a United Airlines flight last month after tweeting about security vulnerabilities in its system had previously taken control of an airplane and caused it to briefly fly sideways, according to an application for a search warrant filed by an FBI agent.

Comment Shuffles (Score 1) 386

I hope they keep making shuffles - great for wearing when you exercise. I can see losing the classic iPods - the cell phone makes them redundant, but until they make phones small enough to clip to your workout gear, there's a place for the shuffle.

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