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by Salgak1 (#46470305) Attached to: Silicon Valley's Youth Problem
Oh, indeed they do. But I have a few buddies who worked there. They tell of engineering decisions over-ridden by .gov policy weenies, a specification that changed so much it was effectively liquid, and minor, unimportant things like NOT EVEN STARTING WORK on the code until late February or so of 2013. . . .

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And yet EVERYTHING is now caused by AGW. Heat Waves. Cold Spells, Floods. Droughts. Today, I saw a report linking Crime to Global Warming. Last year, it caused prostitution for impoverished women. About the ONLY thing not linked to AGW is the Heartbreak of Psoriasis and Waxy Yellow Buildup. But hey, it's only February. . . .

+ - Why do we think bankers get paid too much, but not technology CEOs? 1

Submitted by DavidHumus
DavidHumus (725117) writes "From the NY Times article (

Big paydays on Wall Street often come under laserlike scrutiny, while Silicon Valley gets a pass on its own compensation excesses. Why the double standard?

The typical director at a Standard & Poor’s 500 company was paid $251,000 in 2012, according to Bloomberg News. Mr. Schmidt [Google's CEO] is above that range by over $100 million. ... The latest was the criticism of Jamie Dimon’s pay for 2013, given the many regulatory travails of his bank, JPMorgan Chase. The bank’s board awarded Mr. Dimon $20 million in pay for 2013, $18.5 million of which was in restricted stock that vests over three years. ... For one, the outsize pay for Mr. Schmidt doesn’t square with Google’s performance. Putting aside the fact that he is not even the chief executive, Google had net income of $12.9 billion last year. JPMorgan was higher at $17.9 billion....

On pure economics, Mr. Schmidt appears to be receiving an inordinate amount. By every measure, JPMorgan is bigger, with more profits. And yet Google awards $100 million to its chairman and there is nary a peep.

Maybe the bigger question is why is CEO pay so entirely disconnected from company performance?"

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Actually, you are PROHIBITED from memorizing a checklist, and on a checkride, if you are deviating from the checklist, you have to announce that you ARE deviating, what you're deviating from, why, and when you intend to complete the deviated portion OF that checklist.

It's a QA measure, supposedly. . .

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I cannot speak to what MISSILE crews had to pass, but I was a SAC B-52 Crewdawg in the 1980s. We were CONSTANTLY getting tested on aircraft knowledge (i.e. how well we knew our equipment, and what the appropriate "dash" volume said about it), emergency procedures (which had to test 100% correct or you were pulled from flight duty), and what we called "command and control procedures" (i.e. how to properly authenticate and decode Action Messages and Emergency Action Messages).

ANY failure: classroom test, simulator ride, or inflight evaluation was devastating to the career, at least back in the days of Strategic Air Command. . .

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Excuse me, oh ye who is so brave as to not put your name to your comments. I've been to Ethiopia during the famine in the 90s, doing relief work. I've hand-fed emaciated children, and watched them die in droves despite our best efforts. I think I can speak to REAL poverty.

Rampant starvation and raging disease in a failed state amidst a massive draught, THAT'S poverty. Living in Section 8 housing on Food Stamps, not so much.

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