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Comment Re:Who makes these decisions? (Score 1) 628

No, this is good. It will get rid of many problems created by user never updating their pc, ever. No user of Win Home should have any application that is THAT important, it's either PRO or Enterprise users that have critical software and those have option to not update. Seriously, this is a good thing.

Comment Re:Our PC society will be our demise! (Score 1) 193

That particular party needs to have serious ideas and proposals, clean out their ranks (from said nazis, racists and fascists - who have publicly proclaimed their beliefs), and last but not least, have competent people. There's so many videos out there of "politicians" that can't count or have no grasp of their own political agenda. When they get confronted about shit they've done/said they conveniently have collective memory loss (their favourite phrase is "I don't remember"). I'm sad and quite embarrassed that 13% voted for these idiots.

Comment Re:not complicated...monopology (Score 2, Informative) 346

It's both. Regional monopoly on Layer 2. Small monthly fee for subscribers to access the municipal net and a choice of providers with the desired services. Each muni net takes care of building, maintaining and upgrading of the hardware. Providers take care of any other services. My net currently provide Gb connections to end-customers and a variety of services including several IPTV, phone and Internet providers. Most have both package deals and a la carte while some only provide internet access depending on your needs as a customer.

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