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Comment: Unsecure servers but not the real source (Score 1) 77

by Saithe (#43177781) Attached to: The Internet's Bad Neighborhoods
They're right in that the SPAM comes from servers in those countries, but they are most probably not the original source. I would not be surprised if the only thing they are guilty of is insecure and badly maintained servers that someone found and is utilizing for sending SPAM, and to find the real culprit you'd have to analyse the log-files of every server.

Comment: Re:40 million too high? (Score 1) 55

by Saithe (#42057807) Attached to: Vendors Sue Dutch Government Over Media Levies
That's what we've been jokingly discussing since we got a levy on CD/DVD media, and now we also get that levy on external HDDs and USB-drives here in Sweden. Either way, a levy on storage-media is not and never was the answer to anything, don't know how it can even be considered. One of the arguments for this new levy on external HDDs was: "It's primary function is for private copying" which is just ludicrous...

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