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+ - New alternative to Joomla?->

Submitted by Saint
Saint (12232) writes "No, this is not a bash Joomla post. Whatever you may think of Joomla, it has been the best solution for those of us who occasionally build web-based storefronts for clients for some time. Now it appears there is an alternative that might give Joomla a run for its money. Magento. The admin interface is really directed at running a store, with a dashboard displaying information important to a store manager, a catalogue that is easy to use and populate, a report menu and many other features. I still have not tried any performance tests or reviewed it for potential security issues, but given the feature set, useability and interface, I think it will replace future Joomla installations for storefronts. I would really like to know what others think about it. Have you used it? What problems have you run into? (BTW, you cannot login via an http://localhost/ url. Instead, use your ip address to access the site.)"
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