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Comment Re:Yeah, I thought this problem was solved (Score 4, Insightful) 86

that's actually the problem with most technology

nuclear for example

i haven't a single doubt that we have the technological means to maintain nuclear plants forever without a single accident

but what we don't have is the social and political means to do that

money is always being cut, indefinitely, and the people making that decision are not exactly technically proficient. the incentive to cut costs form the general public and bosses who want to trumpet cost cutting trumps all other concerns, because other concerns, no matter how vital, are simply not understood. combine that with a technical person that responds with anger and arrogance at the idea of vital safety mechanisms being underfunded, the manager will simply disregard him or her as a person with a personality problem, and then disasters happen

people who champion nuclear, especially on a website like this, understand the technology well, and are correct when they announce we never have to have a nuclear accident ever again due to technological issues

but they don't consider the political and social aspects of our species that means vital funding of safety mechanisms and maintenance of absolutely crucial technology *will* be broken. it's simply a matter of when, not if

and then people who champion nuclear get angry at people like me, and accuse us of not understanding the technology. oh we understand the technology is wonderful. but it is you who doesn't understand humanity

the imperative on cutting costs and doing as little effort as possible is always trumping all other concerns. always. and people like this wind up being the managers, not the underlings. they can't be fired, they do the firing

incompetence is a force that destroys everything. sober up and accept that

Comment Re:US didn't defeat Germany (Score 1) 354

Erm. Everybody. Just that the Russians were the ones to send in underequipped soldiers en mass to overwhelm the enemy with numbers irrespective of casualties, killed a lot of their own people through purges and punishments, and were treated worse by the Germans once captured.

As a political force of will it was impressive. I'm not sure it was right, and it sure as fuck doesn't mean that nobody else was fighting Germany at the time.

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 354

Are you a total fuckwit? It'd take me five minutes to fucking find the number for the US embassy, let alone call it, get through to someone that I could talk to about military operations and tell them what was happening.

Now they've got to engage with the entire chain of command to understand who is pursuing those actions, and pass on that message.

30 minutes is not long at all. If you don't believe me, fucking try it.

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 354

30 minutes isn't a very long time. Determining the chain of command, contact details and making contact is a sizeable task, confirming the validity of the information, authorisation of the change in order and relay of those orders to the forces involved?

I'd say 30 minutes is pretty decent. Shit, it took twice that long just to contact military officials in Washington.

Comment Re: Engine control firmware is tightly controlled. (Score 1) 143

Bosch didn't write that code. Volkswagen did. The original article's author is poorly informed about how the CAN-bus in VW/Audi/Seat/etc works. A simple monitor on the CAN-controller could easily compare steering angle sensor against wheels
speed and other factors, and then tell the Bosch engine controller to enter test mode.

Conspiracy, my ass. While it's plausible that people at Bosch knew this was happening, they didn't have an active hand in it. All it took was VW understanding their own "controller of controllers" architecture.

Comment Re: So which sensors? (Score 1) 143

If the OP or Charles Day had any clue whatsoever about Volkswagen products, they'd know that all these sensors are available on all cars from pretty much all platforms from 2000 forward, that they all communicate on the CAN-bus, and that they all need input from those sensors for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with engine performance, period. (Steering angle - ABS or steerable headlights; wheel speed sensor - circumferential flat detection, ABS, etc)

Comment Re: weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 1) 299

you're making excuses. there's plenty of differences but not of the kind and of the type to make germany different enough that basic economic facts about socialized healthcare and higher education wouldn't work in the usa

you're desperate and reaching for straws to bvoid the obvious lesson

"germany is less square miles so gravity doesn't work the same in germany"

that's what you sound like

we're talking basic economic principles here

you're not being intellectually honest

"cultural differences" is the new cheat by pridefully ignorant assholes to avoid basic lessons about the reality they live in

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 203

ah yes, that orthodox leftist creed of keeping drugs safe

there's no need for it, it's a severe authoritarian need to control people, right? like a cartoon movie script: "ooh, i'm a lefty, i'm here to destroy your rights {insert manaical laugh}. why? i dunno. it's just what we do since central casting by joe mccarthy in the 1950s"

you need a cartoon villain to have your cartoon belief system

because these problems don't exist:

that's just from last week

how many millions of more examples do you want you ignorant asshole before you try matching your beliefs to reality?

that is the actual threat. that is why we have government regulations like the FDA: to protect us from the actual fucking real threat: industry

meanwhile, you want to whine about "orthodox leftist creeds"

that's not the actual threat, that's your uneducated delusion you ignorant piece of shit

did i make up executives who will kill you and poison you to make $1 more? am i making that shit up? do you read the fucking news? there's 3 links above from last week. do you want some more you shitbag before you try the slightest bit of intellectual honesty for the first time in your low iq life?

you imagine regulation as the threat, when the fucking story you are commenting under shows the real threat is industry. reality

why do you persist with a belief that fucking contradicts simple facts and simple reality around you

what the fuck is the source of your colossal ignorance you useless propagandized piece of shit?

you're a zombie. walking through the world blind, unable to see or understand anything. just regurgitating the same tired wrong ignorance, without the slightest effort to accept facts. prideful ignorance

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