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Comment Re:Putin cares! (Score 1) 57

Your paranoia is extreme, and I already have private data hosted on servers in foreign countries.

I haven't broken the law to do this.

If HMRC want to investigate my tax affairs, they can ask me for all relevant information. Where I personally store that information is not relevant, whether I provide it to them is.

Comment Re:Putin cares! (Score 1) 57

If it's a foreign company then how it it beholden to laws in a jurisdiction in which it doesn't operate? And why should it care?

If they provide the tin but you install the software and add the data, how is it their responsibility irrespective of jurisdiction?

Why do you think you have to rent a server anyway?

Comment Re: Increase productivity?? (Score 1) 391

Man, you're trying to state that all OTR Drivers (myself included) are doing mass amounts of speed, thus causing wrecks?

No, he's pointing out that the ones that did, caused a fuckload of accidents.

How much have you addled your brain on that shit, that you misinterpret someone to that extent?

Comment Re:Political methane emissions (Score 1) 179

Problem is, he's only one of a number of politicians in a position to push through bans on driving diesel cars in cities.

The city near me is considering this too. I need to write to them and let them know that if my efficient relatively clean diesel gets banned then I can only afford a very old petrol engined car, and since a second car needs to have practical value I'll go for a 4x4. Lets see them argue a 12 year old 4 litre SUV is better for the environment than my existing vehicle..

Comment Re:Putin cares! (Score 1) 57

Under current law, I have a choice. Under European or Russian law, I don't.

I like to have the choice.

Under UK (and so probably European) law you do have the choice.

The companies sucking in all your data and abusing it do not. This is a good thing.

But feel free to put your own data anywhere you like. Nobody's stopping you posting your private information onto a server in every continent.

Comment Re:Allow me to predict the comments (Score 1) 225

Any more stupid questions?

Yes. When connecting the board on my cat's harness to a network would you recommend letting the cat drag the ethernet cable behind it or should I program a drone to hover above the cat and route the cable via that?

Could you also advise on a drone silent enough to not distract the cat or its prey?

Comment Re:This is a nonsequitur (Score 1) 470

Not sure where you live that renting a car or hiring a mover is staggeringly inconvenient though.

I'm going to a wedding in another city on Saturday. It's too far for the average electric car to take me.

To rent a car I'd have to either rent it the night before (great, losing an hour of my Friday evening) or get to the wedding late (car hire place doesn't open until 9am on a Saturday).

I'd also have to keep it hired until Sunday, as I can't return it last thing on a Saturday.

Plus of course I can't get to the car hire place without driving or hiring a taxi. Not to mention I'm now having to stay sober enough on Saturday night that I can drive on Sunday morning.

Then there's the paperwork. I fucking hate paperwork.

Instead what I'm going to do is walk 12 yards from my house, get into a very comfortable car that's fun to drive, switch on the pre-programmed radio and drive to the other city.

Sounds convenient to me.

Comment Re:Can I predict mine though? (Score 1) 67

I had this issue with a cancelled VISA card. It was even a recurring payment that was at one time legitimate.

I merely told the card provider that I had closed my account and if they wanted to keep giving money to that vendor then it was their choice as it was their money, as I'd clearly informed them that I was closing the account and that they shouldn't accept any payments on my behalf.

No idea whether they stopped the payments, but they did stop trying to bill me for them.

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