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Comment: what about black workers? (Score 1) 157

by Cederic (#47523207) Attached to: For Half, Degrees In Computing, Math, Or Stats Lead To Other Jobs

Sorry, you've called out the African Americans, white, asian.. what about Black, Afro-Carribean, African, Arab workers? What about hispanics, European-American, Irish American, the "My great grandfather had a niece whose mother's great uncle was Scottish"-American?

Fuck you and your racist focus. Try breaking down employment by social background, place of abode and other factors before throwing racial fucking stereotypes at us.

+ - Letter to Congress: Ending U.S. Dependency on Russia for Access to Space 1

Submitted by Bruce Perens
Bruce Perens (3872) writes "I've sent a letter to my district's senators and member of congress this evening, regarding how we should achieve a swifter end to U.S. dependency on the Russians for access to space. Please read my letter, below. If you like it, please join me and send something similar to your own representatives. Find them here and here. — Bruce

Dear Congressperson Lee,

The U.S. is dependent on the Russians for present and future access to space. Only Soyuz can bring astronauts to and from the Space Station. The space vehicles being built by United Launch Alliance are designed around a Russian engine. NASA's own design for a crewed rocket is in its infancy and will not be useful for a decade, if it ever flies.

Mr. Putin has become much too bold because of other nations dependence. The recent loss of Malaysia Air MH17 and all aboard is one consequence.

Ending our dependency on Russia for access to space, sooner than we previously planned, has become critical. SpaceX has announced the crewed version of their Dragon spaceship. They have had multiple successful flights and returns to Earth of the un-crewed Dragon and their Falcon 9 rocket, which are without unfortunate foreign dependencies. SpaceX is pursuing development using private funds. The U.S. should now support and accelerate that development.

SpaceX has, after only a decade of development, demonstrated many advances over existing and planned paths to space. Recently they have twice successfully brought the first stage of their Falcon 9 rocket back to the ocean surface at a speed that would allow safe landing on ground. They have demonstrated many times the safe takeoff, flight to significant altitude, ground landing and re-flight of two similar test rockets. In October they plan the touchdown of their rocket's first stage on a barge at sea, and its recovery and re-use after a full flight to space. Should their plan for a reusable first-stage, second, and crew vehicle be achieved, it could result in a reduction in the cost of access to space to perhaps 1/100 of the current "astronomical" price. This would open a new frontier to economical access in a way not witnessed by our nation since the transcontinental railroad. The U.S. should now support this effort and reap its tremendous economic rewards.

This plan is not without risk, and like all space research there will be failures, delays, and eventually lost life. However, the many successes of SpaceX argue for our increased support now, and the potential of tremendous benefit to our nation and the world.

Please write back to me.

Many Thanks

Bruce Perens"

Comment: Re:Feminist here (Score 1) 905

by Cederic (#47518233) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

"Men too" is not an answer, because the harassment and threats that women face is disproportionate to what men face.

No, men face actual violence rather than mere threats. Have you seen assault numbers broken down by gender? Murder numbers?

How old where you when you first feared to be raped?

12, since you ask. I had to fight off four attackers. Luckily they were too focussed on achieving penetration to actually work out how to immobilise me.

A significant portion of women in the western world has endured sexual abuse and probably still bears the scars of that.

So I'm meant to do what about it exactly?

Yes, men are also abused. It is a problem, but it's nowhere as common and nowhere as socially acceptable.

Abuse of women is not socially acceptable where I live, where I work, where I go out at night. Maybe you should move to a better country.

Then again, maybe I should. Abuse of men is socially acceptable, when it's merely verbal.

Your experience is not the same as those of the opposite gender.
Deal with it.

I can and do deal with it. I'm just fucked off with the pretense that women have it so much worse.

Comment: Re:Pft (Score 1) 905

by Cederic (#47518143) Attached to: The Daily Harassment of Women In the Game Industry

He probably wouldn't have reported it. Men don't usually report minor (in the sense of no visible physical injury) incidents of assault and battery unless they were looking for any ammunition they could use against someone (i.e. they really hate the attacker and want to get back at them).

Yeah, I didn't report the assault I received from a woman in the workplace.

I did make notes of the incident and keep them offsite, for fear that she'd complain about me for my response to the assault - I turned and told her that if she did that again I'd punch her in the face.

She didn't report it, so I didn't bother to report it either. She was a very sexist person though.

+ - Open-Source Blu-Ray Library Now Supports BD-J Java->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Updates to the open-source libbluray, libaacs, and libbdplus libraries have improved the open-source Blu-ray disc support to now enable the Blu-ray Java interactivity layer (BD-J). The Blu-ray Java code is in turn executed by OpenJDK or the Oracle JDK and is working well enough to play a Blu-ray disc on the Raspberry Pi when paired with the VLC media player."
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+ - Explicit Photos Were Often Shared at N.S.A->

Submitted by ememisya
ememisya (1548255) writes "“In the course of their daily work they stumble across something that is completely unrelated to their work, for example an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation but they’re extremely attractive,” he said. “So what do they do? They turn around in their chair and they show a co-worker. And their co-worker says: ‘Oh, hey, that’s great. Send that to Bill down the way.’ ”

The article also states Britain is often used as test grounds for privacy violation.

"... because in Britain the respect for individual privacy, he said, 'is not strongly encoded in law or policy.'

Because it has fewer restrictions, British intelligence platforms 'are used as a testing ground'""

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Comment: Re:Evolution (Score 1) 253

by Bruce Perens (#47485313) Attached to: New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes


You make it sound like starving people are getting fat too.

If they are becoming obese, the particular individual has a surplus of caloric intake, if only for this year or month. This is not to say that they have proper nutrition. So I am not at all clear that the fact that there is obesity in the third world is confounding evidence.

Comment: Re:They need exactly 63 999 employees (Score 1) 272

by Cederic (#47484795) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Many Employees Does Microsoft Really Need?

64k is 65536 and don't let no fuckwit anal cunts try and impose some arbitrary bullshit standard with a stupid name on you.

I read KiB as a bad abbreviation of kibble. My cats eat kibble. They're enjoying some of this stuff as I type:

My cats know that 2 to the power of whatever is the important number.

What ever you want is going to cost a little more than it is worth. -- The Second Law Of Thermodynamics