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Comment: Being diabetic could become an asset (Score 2) 69

I'd like to see an artificial organ developed that would directly convert excess blood sugar into electricity to charge electronics or for built in electric shock organs in the hands. It would turn being diabetic into an asset. You could charge up on sweets.

It could also be used to burn off the excess sugar as bio-luminescence to be the life of the party.
Internet Explorer

Next IE Version Will Feature Web Audio, Media Capture, ES6 Promises, and HTTP/2 173

Posted by timothy
from the loyal-opposition dept.
An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft [Wednesday] announced it is developing at least four new features for the next release of Internet Explorer (IE): Web Audio API, Media Capture and Streams, ES6 Promises, and HTTP/2. The company says this is not an exhaustive list of what to expect in the next version, but merely what it is currently confident that it will be able to deliver. For those who don't know, HTTP/2 is a faster protocol for transporting Web content. It is based on Google's SPDY open networking protocol and is currently being standardized by the IETF. Web Audio is a JavaScript API for processing and synthesizing audio in Web applications while Media Capture provides access to the user's local audio and video input/output devices. Promises is meant to help developers write cleaner asynchronous code."

Comment: Re:You know what I want? (Score 1) 124

Others, because it still works and they have no reason to waste money on a new machine. I know at least two such people. Me? I have WinXP Pro in a Xen DomU, just in case I need something windowsy. It's always on, and I connect to it using RDP over an SSH tunnel. Sure, I rarely use it, but it's there should I need it and it's a better solution than having a XP VM on each of my Linux machines.

At work I have a Win7 VM in VirtualBox, it is horribly, horribly slow. The XP VM on the same VirtualBox host, is snappy and quick.

XP might be dead, but it's makes a rather well preserved zombie.

Comment: Re:Repeatable as Fuck (Score 1) 209

by jawtheshark (#47017181) Attached to: How Predictable Is Evolution?

You can have all the laws of physics explain how things move etc, but how will they ever explain this consciousness?

May I introduce you to the concept of "argument from ignorance". It might be well that it can be perfectly explained by natural laws, just you and me are not (yet) able to.

I can't even prove beyond all doubt that others experience this phenomenon and are conscious. And I can't prove my consciousness to others. I just have to take it by faith that these "imaginary friends" called "you" and "I" exist.

If you go the solipsism route, nothing is certain any more. Even those physical laws you say explain how things move (etc), become totally uncertain in a solipsistic worldview. After all, it could all be just your mind and nothing truly exists.

Comment: Torus shaped universe (Score 2) 154

by Tekoneiric (#46995947) Attached to: Momentous Big Bang Findings Questioned
I really think it will turn out that the big bang/big crunch is a constant process where the universe is shaped like a stretched torus or bar magnet and matter flows out the hole on one side across the surface and back into the hole on the other side constantly. The hole would likely be so small that it crunches matter down to energy as it flows thru to the other side. Since the universe appears to be expanding quicker we would likely be on the outflow side.

Comment: Re:Majority Rules (Score 4, Interesting) 92

by mudshark (#46987425) Attached to: New Zealand Spy Agency To Vet Network Builds, Provider Staff

You don't know much about NZ government, then. So much for those assumptions of yours.

The TICS legislation was introduced as an exercise in ass-covering along with another bill which made illegal electronic surveillance performed by the GCSB "lawful" ex post facto. Both bills were overwhelmingly unpopular and submissions from the public and interest groups were practically unanimous against.

Several opinion polls have indicated that the majority of the NZ population disagree (many vehemently) with their government on these laws, and when they passed it was only with a one-vote majority in the Parliament courtesy of an MP who is the sole representative of his minor party (who himself only got into office because of a pre-election backroom deal with the National party). The best part of all this is that this deciding MP was himself under suspicion of leaking internal documents about illegal conduct by the GCSB, and that his email and that of the journalist he was corresponding with were snooped on in the process.

For a tiny little island nation we sure do have more than our fair share of idiot politicians and inept law enforcement. Not to mention a system of government whose relationship with democracy grows more tenuous by the year and which resembles a bunch of nice ideas thrown together without any guarantees, such as an immutable and entrenched Bill of Rights. The GCSB and TICS legislation have done considerable harm to the notion of privacy as a basic human right in this country with dragnet surveillance and full feed-through to the NSA of whatever gets picked up.

Comment: Re:End H-1B (Score 1) 566

by Tekoneiric (#46949703) Attached to: Let Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Work In US, Says White House
H1B is an excuse not to support higher education in the US. Many countries provide much lower cost education than the US. Rather than forcing the price of an education down in the US; companies are taking the easy route and importing skilled labor to force down the wage on formerly high paying positions. Too many times have people been forced to train H-1B holders as their replacements. Also some of those visa holders who are here for a limited time are being trained in the US so that they can go elsewhere to do the same job. It's also used to circumvent ITAR restrictions. If the work for some industries are done in the US it's ITAR restricted, if that job is exported its no longer ITAR restricted and they can send the info/work almost anywhere.

As far as your job not being exportable; you forget the world we live in. Online educations while not the norm will eventually surpass direct attendance at a university and it doesn't matter where the professor is on the planet with online education. The only thing that matters is a decent Internet connection. Scoring of tests and papers is already done online by people looking to make extra money on the side. For that matter the position of educator could easily automated using standardized programs and materials then computer scoring. It'll be done under the guise of not enough educators to fill the positions so we'll export the jobs then eventually computerize them. Meanwhile there be droves of former educators on the unemployment line.

Other countries protect the jobs for their citizens; the US need to do this also.

Comment: End H-1B (Score 1) 566

by Tekoneiric (#46946317) Attached to: Let Spouses of H-1B Visa Holders Work In US, Says White House
They need to end the H-1B visa program entirely and force companies to support tech education in the US. All the H-1B program does is allow them to bring over people to learn the job then export the job overseas when the visa runs out. This is why so many engineering jobs have left the US. By allowing spouses to share the visa; it'll double that job drain.

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