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Comment Re:"You have to upgrade NOW, or you are losing mon (Score 1) 4

How do you mean that? You expect 10 to become better? Upgrading to 10 also means you give Microsoft free reign over your computer. With 7/8(.1) you had at least a certain level of control.

Basically, the best way is to upgrade and then rollback. That secures your "free" upgrade and you can continue to use whatever you like.

Comment Re: As much as possible (Score 2) 350

Have you looked recently? My Dell XPS 15 L502x, that I bought a few years ago on sale for 525â can take 16GB. We bought three of these and we all upgraded from the stock 4GB to 16GB because RAM prices were at an all time low. I can't believe modern laptops take less....

Comment Re:Most common error is: PIBMAC (Score 1) 485

The ISO for Home and Pro are the same. If you have a key (a Win 10 key! A Win 7 or 8.n key won't do!), it will install the right edition without asking. If you skip key entry it will give you the choice as what to install. So, no, you can't accidentally grab a Pro ISO and try to install it on a Home version, because the Pro and the Home ISO are one and the same. Only the key makes the difference.

Comment Re:Weak Premise (Score 1) 398

What do you mean "best people" and "best universities"?

Why do you assume the best people come from the best universities?

Did you come from the "best" university?

If not, does that mean you're not the "best"? So you don't deserve a job?

If yes, then no one else but your peers from the "Best" universities deserve to be hired?

You make a lot of assumptions: a "best" university, everyone else is not the "best", even the idea of "best" ... this makes for a meaningless argument.

You're arguing that only the "top" people should have jobs, which is utterly laughable, because (a) good look measuring, and (b) that would ultimately mean only one person deserves a job.

This is a big part of the meritocracy myth that drives inequity. And you buy it hook line and sinker.

Comment Why so angry? (Score 0) 398

The reason why Silicon Valley is struggling is very clear: look at the rage in this thread. These are the same people who think diversity is bad because minorities are too stupid to be a part of technology. They're still humping the meritocracy myth.

If you are angry, it means you are smart enough to know they are right, but too worried about your identity to do anything about it. And it is easy for you to do nothing because it doesn't affect you. But, it's not about making you look bad, it's about helping other people who don't have the advantages you were born with.

Realizing you're acting in a way that makes life harder for strangers doesn't make you a bad person, it is what makes you wise.

Comment Re:You can still buy Windows 7? (Score 1) 172

That is exactly why the stickers are gone, IMHO too. It is rather easy to find XP Pro/Home stickers. Vista stickers happen occasionally. 7 stickers are rare though in residentials dumpsters.

I don't dumpster dive much more these days, it's not worth the effort.

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