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Comment: Re:Old (Score 1) 342

by Sagara Sozou (#30377936) Attached to: New <em>WoW</em> Patch Brings Cross-Server Instances

I know several people who play WoW and I would like to join them, but since they're all on different servers, I will have to choose one of my friends to play with and ignore the others. That is simply not acceptable and thus WoW fails for me as a platform for interacting with my friends, which seems to be it's main purpose.

Yeah, real life fails me for the exact same reason.

Comment: Re:Put a roof over it or something? (Score 1) 478

by Sagara Sozou (#30006508) Attached to: LHC Shut Down Again &mdash; By Baguette-Dropping Bird
It happened with the Death Star...

>>You slashdot wise guys! Do you REALLY think PROFESSIONAL scientists would leave critical equipment exposed? That professionals paid to design and engineer a multi-billion dollar piece of equipment would forget a basic piece of covering?

Comment: Re:Not 'Civil'. (Score 1) 491

by Sagara Sozou (#28233687) Attached to: Best kind of engineering:
I don't know exactly what that's supposed to mean, especially since civils are the biggest boozers and party people among all the engineers at Northeastern University.

But why is civil engineering too 'boring?' A few months back I helped represent ASCE at an accepted students day and 90% of the students passed us by with hardly a glance. It was only the students that knew they were doing civil that spoke to us.

Now, why is this? Is our work boring? Hardly, if you work on a job site it's fast-paced and tough. Is it a simpler discipline? Definitely not, when you're designing buildings and bridges, one cock-up can ruin your reputation.

It all comes down to imagination and the future. Electrical engineers are building more and more advanced robots. Mechanical engineers are still playing around with the idea of flying cars. Civil engineers will build more structures, bridges and roads. That's why it sounds boring - there isn't anything new.

I think that civil engineering could really grow if we began stressing green construction and development more. It's a hot topic these days, with top soil eroding, waterways polluting and Los Angeles being a cess pool.

"Mr. Watson, come here, I want you." -- Alexander Graham Bell