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Comment: Re:Maybe it would be good if the Ayatollah wins? (Score 2) 542

by Saffaya (#47799307) Attached to: Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

As to the Saudis versus the Iranians - at least our friends aren't looking to attack us and work with us on many matters of common interest. You can't really say that about the Iranians.

Quoting Jon Stewart on the matter (speaking of saudi arabia) :

"May I remind you that a full 20% of the 9/11 hijackers were NOT from there"

Comment: Re:Not a barrier (Score 2) 183

Just a nitpick : the model was designated ATARI 1040ST.
(The half-meg model was the 520ST.)

"The 1040ST was the first personal computer shipped with a base RAM configuration of 1 MB. When the list price was reduced to $999 in the U.S. it appeared on the cover of BYTE in March 1986 as the first computer to break the $1000/megabyte price barrier;"

Comment: Re:I must be missing something (Score 1) 81

by Saffaya (#47638105) Attached to: Add a TV Tuner To Your Xbox (In Europe)

Here is an example :

I stopped using TVs when I bought a DreamCast console circa 1999, with its nifty VGA cable and 95% of games compatible with it.

I currently use a 1080p monitor for my HTPC set-up, with the big picture provided by my projector.

Not a single TV or display that includes a TV tuner in my home.

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by Saffaya (#47373645) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Replacing Paper With Tablets For Design Meetings?

Does Evernote lay claim to everything that is on their servers, à la facebook ?
What are the security implications of having designs of future products stored on an external company's servers ?
What about the case when Evernote servers are down/unavailable ?

Genuine questions. I have only evaluated Evernote for personal use, not for a business.

Comment: Re:Blank is to Blank... (Score 2) 681

Erm, no.

Windows 2000 is the OS that joined the enterprise NT4 line and the consumer 9X line.
First to have the stability of the NT kernel and run all the software of the consumer version

The fact that microsoft released a bit later the same year another consumer only version (ME) is irrelevant.

Comment: Re:Duck and cover (Score 1) 522

by Saffaya (#46996373) Attached to: Russia Bans US Use of Its Rocket Engines For Military Launches

Not saying there isn't merit to your viewpoint but ... I wish european leaders of the 1930' had done something more than just diplomacy when Hitler was invading/annexing neihbouring countries.
Kinda like I wish current european leaders would do something more affirmative than "dialogue" with Putin.
We know how effective diplomacy and dialogue are when dealing with a bully, right ?

Comment: Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 2) 117

The last gen (X360 & PS3) aimed at 720p native.
The current gen (Xbone & PS4) aims at 1080p native.

It seems a bit exaggerated to expect them to aim at UHD 2160p or 4k.
Just have a look at the electrical and transistor power that a PC actually needs to achieve that.
Of course, they can still output 2160p, but only with simpler games. In the same vein, the original Xbox had several 1080i games.

Comment: Re:This game already exists, wtf. (Score 1) 88

by Saffaya (#45243147) Attached to: <em>Star Citizen's</em> Crowdfunding-Driven Grey Market

First, I'll say thank you for bringing a game like Vendetta Online to my attention.

It seems positively interesting, I'm glad to know about its existence, and I have a deep respect for the devs for such longevity in the game market (and the support of so many different OS ... impressive).

Second, a few points about Star Citizen that Vendetta Online doesn't have.

Chris Roberts.
Private Servers.
Top of the line graphics and aimed for the future : Latest Crysys engine + 4k resolution.

To conclude, do not be jealous of Star Citizen and see it as a competitor. See it as a flagship that will dynamize the space sim market and bring lots of new and old players, which will ultimately benefit all actors of this game market.

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by Saffaya (#44722597) Attached to: <em>SimCity</em> Mac Launch Facing More Problems

I agree with your post but would like to correct something.

"Sony is just Sony"

Well, no. Amongst the big three Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, the last one has revised some of its legacy behaviour, learnt its lessons and pulled a 180.
Let's compare the PS3 and the PS4 :

PS3 : asymmetric architecture (power PC + SPE), custom designed processing units (SPE), low amount of video RAM, requires programmers to adapt to its architecture.

PS4 : unified memory model, industry standard CPU, maximum amount of video RAM available (unified memory), includes circuit hardware to alleviate programmer work (uncompress data for example)

I have no love for Sony, but I have to admit I'm favorably impressed by the change in design philosophy of their main console.
They DID change somehow for the new round of console generation.
The long string of quarters in the red probably has something to do with it.

"The Amiga is the only personal computer where you can run a multitasking operating system and get realtime performance, out of the box." -- Peter da Silva