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Comment: Data leak was probably intentional (Score 1) 121

by SadieJane (#33747554) Attached to: British ISP Sky Broadband Cuts Off ACS:Law
All the world governments are looking to shutdown or restrict or control the internet in some way.

Internet just makes it possible for people to find whistleblowers or activities governments do not revealed. You know, some real truth, as compared to main stream media dribble.

The EASIEST way for governments to initiate net neutrality authority, with minimal public resistance, is to FIRST CREATE A PROBLEM, and then enact restrictions under guise of necessary response.

And that would create a crack. Just a few more well-placed cracks, and the internet, as we know it, comes tumbling down.

Comment: Re:Need to have a fast method if needed (Score 1) 367

by SadieJane (#31703712) Attached to: The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 Passes Senate Panel
Congress can always restrict por shutdown government websites. Totally unethical to thwart the communication between the people. The real fact is that only truthful information available is on internet, and well as propaganda and lies. but mainstream media is completely corporate and government filtered and controlled. No real news or information there.

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