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Comment: Full disclosure (Score 1) 24 24

This quote is why full and immediate disclosure is important:

in cases where the vulnerability is actively being exploited, disclosing immediately, publicly and completely is always in the public interest.

Usually an admin can solve the problem with a firewall, or by temporarily disabling a feature, or something similar. Don't leave people open to attack.

Comment: GPL/BSD (Score 5, Insightful) 131 131

If you want your software to be used by as many people/corporations as possible, use BSD.
If you don't want corporations to take advantage of your software without giving back, then use GPL.

BSD expands usage at the cost of community; GPL increases community at the cost of usage. Both approaches are valid.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 345 345

AFAICT anyone with lots of Euros in Greece already got them out of the country years ago. It's been rather obvious this was coming for a long time......

Yeah, I can't think of any scenario where bitcoin would help Greece at all. The only thing I can see is speculators mindlessly driving up the price of bitcoins.....

Comment: Re:Why is Uber better? Serious question. (Score 1) 218 218

Why? Seriously, I haven't used Uber and the last time I rode in a taxi was years ago so I have no dog in this fight. Why did you think Uber is better? Better service? Better value? Or is just that they are sticking it to The Man? I'm legitimately asking because I just don't really see what is so amazing about Uber as a casual observer.

I can't say for everywhere, but, where I live, Uber is better because I can actually get one. Last time I needed to go to the airport, I called a taxi service, and the dispatcher basically laughed at me. I called another taxi service, they told me to call the first taxi service. Finally I requested an Uber and they picked me up right away. In a clean car, cleaner than any taxi I've ever been in.

So that is basically why. Better availability, cleaner.

I will say that my first experience with an Uber driver was getting rear-ended in a low-speed collision. I was anti-Uber for a few months after that.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 345 345

If Greece drops out, all the greeks holding euros still have relatively hard currency, probably superior to whatever is introduced as a local replacement.

If Greece drops out, then it will become impossible to get Euros from the bank. The banks will only disburse the new (devalued) currency. The only hard currency anyone will have is the cash that was in their wallet (or in a foreign bank). That's the way these things typically work.

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