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Comment Re:Google is becoming irrelevant (Score 0) 165

I find Google blocking things to be highly annoying. Try the search of Google shopping for a confederate flag or battle flag of Virginia as an example.

I go to Bing, and the first results are relevant. It makes me wonder how many other things are being Google-Washed away. IMHO Google has hit the tipping point where it will start to drive users away to other search engines because of their corporate behavior.

Comment While greater security is a benefit for some... (Score 2) 30

This is mostly going to be a benefit to cheating spouses who lock their phones constantly. The tech is mildly interesting, but it would suck to get locked out your phone because of a minor burn or a cut while making a hoagie. I can guarantee that this stuff can happen even with that technology. Facial and fingerprint scanners have been notoriously bad, even when they spend the money trying to make a better one.

Now as to beating it -- I'm willing to bet a piece of paper with the print with some clay attached and pressed into the shape (roughly) of a finger) could fool it. They aren't as clever as they think they are.

Comment Re:nonsense (Score 1) 532

As to yearly physicals with labs -- the only times I see them here are for certain occupations where you need to be alert to not kill others (truck drivers, crane operators..etc), or when a company wishes to control you actions off of the clock (E.g. Mercy Health System that now tests its people for a variety of things that have nothing to do with job performance and everything to do with lifestyle).

Comment Re:Economy (Score 1) 198

Just for those curious, you CAN get dirt shipped in very big plastic/kevlar bags that are strapped to pallets. This is similar to the way certain heavy (coffee being one that is just starting to move to this) food shipments are being handled. Of course, it does require a heavy loader, flat bed, straps for the flat bed, and roads improved enough (and all year enough if its not summer and dry) to get your shipment to you. These bags can even be air lifted by CH-47 helicopter (I believe it can carry up to 2 of them, but I'm not well versed in this method of transport). These are not the 10-20-40lb bags of toil soil you see for sale at the lawn and garden shop (although the larger plastic bags could just as easily be stuffed with them, and those 10-20-40lb bags can be wrapped on pallets and shipped as well.

The shipping will cost a lot more than buying local, but you will still pay shipping then too, and still need loading equipment.

I've often wondered how northern Canadians tough it out when it melts and during the very heavy drifts when its hard to get supplies in. The latter is probably easier to deal with than the mud though!

Comment Re:So they are doing what? (Score 1) 509

but I don't think anyone is (seriously) arguing for getting rid of all prisons or fines.

We probably need prisons to some degree, but all fines, and all profit made off of prisons should definitely be stopped. It should legitimately cost the government enough to put a person in prison so as to discourage its use for petty things.

As a constitutional matter, this should immediately extend to things such as having to pay for pretrial monitoring, anger/drug/whatever classes ordered pretrial, and any other conditions other than some sum of money sufficient enough to compel you to return for trial.

Its bad enough we pick the pockets of those on probation as an alternative, but doing it to the innocent (and under the law they are) pretrial is obscene.

Comment Re:FUD and kneejerk reactions (Score 2) 209

Trying to get your health care records changed to only reflect accurate information now is pretty much impossible. Even the doctors cannot retract information -- only make an amendment to it. I had an associate with spinal stenosis. He was on some pretty heavy pain medicines. He ended up having a slip and fall, and went to the ER. The ER doctor was someone he had known in high school, and didn't even remember having slighted him. The doctor put him down as opioid addicted, treatment resistant, and marked him as "DO NOT ADMINISTER NARCOTICS" in the BJC system. He likely wouldn't have found out about that until he was sucked into a hospital stay or another ER visit, except that this guy went the extra asshat step of contacting his doctor. Okay, his GP accepts the call, schedules him an extra appointment asking "Did your pain drugs contribute to you breaking your ... ? Do you have a drug problem ...?" His GP keeps him on his pain medicines until he retires a year or so later. Now he can't find anyone to do pain management for him with anything that has half a chance of working because that flag is still in the system. The best he could do under our current laws is to "add a statement of disagreement" with the record -- which still flags him at nearly every hospital and doctors office as a drug seeker if they actually get a copy of his records.

Worse, he can't just omit X from the records. Once one other party got the records from BJC, they had to include the records from BJC in the transfer. So one asshat can make your life extremely difficult.

Comment Re:The Conservative Option (Score 1) 487

McCain probably wants to napalm Africa.

DHS does! They had some moron on CNN who stated "EBOLA is the ISIS of viruses! We need to treat EBOLA exactly the same way we treat ISIS!"

So I was reeling for a moment, and I thought to myself "What are we going to do? Launch a mess of cruise missiles and bomb west Africa even back further toward the stone age than it already is?" ...

If people were not dying I would say its one great big government psyop the way they handle it. Fear porn. However, at some point someone does need to step up and actually act in the interests of the citizens of this country and impose some travel restrictions. Otherwise we will get a full year of ISIS-EBOLA-CNN-ZOMBIE-FEAR-PR0N!@! to go with Americans getting infected and killed in possibly large numbers.

Comment Re:The Conservative Option (Score 1) 487

Excellent point on the intentional spreading. I don't imagine it would take much effort to run around spitting all over everything. They say this is easily contained, but if it takes 2-3 weeks before you show symptoms you could have a group of people running around infecting thousands of people a day.
I'm sure they've made a movie with a similar plot already..


Comment Re:The Conservative Option (Score 5, Insightful) 487

When trying to "close the borders" a 90% solution is not much better than a 10% solution.

Actually, it dramatically is. Eliminating 90% of a risk is better than eliminating 0% of a risk. Approximately 8000 carriers (though about half that number are dead) in a large population covering several west African states. If you eliminate 90% of those traveling to and from west Africa (only about 1/3 of which travel to the United States) back down to 0.1 persons infected. I'll take a 10% risk that ONE person with Ebola manages to get through. With no meaningful procedures in place we already have 10x that rate -- or precisely what a quarantine or travel ban is set to eliminate.

Comment Re:Article written by clueless PR bots (Score 1) 26

I'm reasonably familiar with the technologies currently used in the chip making process (and always walk away impressed with what they can do), but I don't see how graphene is that superior of a material? What advantages does it really have? A smaller lattice? Can other known materials used in the chip making process truly use a smaller lattice or are we running up against the end here? Or is it just that its lattice has 6 atoms instead of 4 that is has the advantage for trying to put in more transistors on a chip (with a far less straightforward design process)?

I realize the test process is going to be pretty low density until they figure out how to remove it, but I'm unfamiliar with any other advantages.


Comment Re:make people actually care for the characters (Score 1) 403

Great, now I've got the image of Rainbow Brite running around the universe shooting people, throwing hand grenades at them, decapitating opposing players with a way too small for the job crystal covered dagger, and her furry covered friends making up the rest of the dancing army walking into Naziland (because its hollywood, and they have to find a way to put Nazi's into everything...lest we ever forget Nazis were defeated by Rainbow Brite and her band of furry death dealing rainbow colored mercenaries).


Comment Re:Grabs popcorn (Score 1) 518

I can think of a great many times driving larger vehicles: Vans, F-150, Box trucks, or even the Ranger heavily loaded where I would have loved to have had a backup camera and not just depend on the extended mirrors and circular mirrors I had installed. You have enough going on driving a larger vehicle, and people to asinine things like stand and work in front of the loading dock as you are backing in or end up so distracted from their cell phones that they stand in the path of large vehicles trying to back up. Its not just kids, but kids are probably going to be the main beneficiaries of this policy.


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