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by SacredNaCl (#48097781) Attached to: Texas Ebola Patient Dies

McCain probably wants to napalm Africa.

DHS does! They had some moron on CNN who stated "EBOLA is the ISIS of viruses! We need to treat EBOLA exactly the same way we treat ISIS!"

So I was reeling for a moment, and I thought to myself "What are we going to do? Launch a mess of cruise missiles and bomb west Africa even back further toward the stone age than it already is?" ...

If people were not dying I would say its one great big government psyop the way they handle it. Fear porn. However, at some point someone does need to step up and actually act in the interests of the citizens of this country and impose some travel restrictions. Otherwise we will get a full year of ISIS-EBOLA-CNN-ZOMBIE-FEAR-PR0N!@! to go with Americans getting infected and killed in possibly large numbers.

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by SacredNaCl (#48097751) Attached to: Texas Ebola Patient Dies

Excellent point on the intentional spreading. I don't imagine it would take much effort to run around spitting all over everything. They say this is easily contained, but if it takes 2-3 weeks before you show symptoms you could have a group of people running around infecting thousands of people a day.
I'm sure they've made a movie with a similar plot already..


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When trying to "close the borders" a 90% solution is not much better than a 10% solution.

Actually, it dramatically is. Eliminating 90% of a risk is better than eliminating 0% of a risk. Approximately 8000 carriers (though about half that number are dead) in a large population covering several west African states. If you eliminate 90% of those traveling to and from west Africa (only about 1/3 of which travel to the United States) back down to 0.1 persons infected. I'll take a 10% risk that ONE person with Ebola manages to get through. With no meaningful procedures in place we already have 10x that rate -- or precisely what a quarantine or travel ban is set to eliminate.

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by SacredNaCl (#48008365) Attached to: New Graphene Research Promises Reliable Chip-Level Production

I'm reasonably familiar with the technologies currently used in the chip making process (and always walk away impressed with what they can do), but I don't see how graphene is that superior of a material? What advantages does it really have? A smaller lattice? Can other known materials used in the chip making process truly use a smaller lattice or are we running up against the end here? Or is it just that its lattice has 6 atoms instead of 4 that is has the advantage for trying to put in more transistors on a chip (with a far less straightforward design process)?

I realize the test process is going to be pretty low density until they figure out how to remove it, but I'm unfamiliar with any other advantages.


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by SacredNaCl (#47054703) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can <em>Star Wars Episode VII</em> Be Saved?

Great, now I've got the image of Rainbow Brite running around the universe shooting people, throwing hand grenades at them, decapitating opposing players with a way too small for the job crystal covered dagger, and her furry covered friends making up the rest of the dancing army walking into Naziland (because its hollywood, and they have to find a way to put Nazi's into everything...lest we ever forget Nazis were defeated by Rainbow Brite and her band of furry death dealing rainbow colored mercenaries).


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by SacredNaCl (#46630579) Attached to: Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

I can think of a great many times driving larger vehicles: Vans, F-150, Box trucks, or even the Ranger heavily loaded where I would have loved to have had a backup camera and not just depend on the extended mirrors and circular mirrors I had installed. You have enough going on driving a larger vehicle, and people to asinine things like stand and work in front of the loading dock as you are backing in or end up so distracted from their cell phones that they stand in the path of large vehicles trying to back up. Its not just kids, but kids are probably going to be the main beneficiaries of this policy.


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by SacredNaCl (#46226313) Attached to: House Committee Approves Bill Banning In-Flight Phone Calls

This has to be approved and/or actually pass to even get towards attempting to ban someone's phone from being used. Whether it is even legal or not at that point is going to likely fall on "not a legal bill", as the first amendment doesn't stop just because someone else doesn't like it - which is what sums up this bill.

If you can't keep people from using their mobile phones in church with the lingering threat of eternal hellfire, you wont keep them from using them on a plane either. The bathroom cue will just grow longer.

+ - Evolution of word frequencies in Porn

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes " reports a Google Trends-like tool for niche sexual interests, called Porngram. This tool enable everyone to map the evolution of words frequencies in the titles of almost 800,000 porn videos. Data are provided by the Sexualitics dataset, and a more global perspective on them is the subject of a research paper to be published in the first issue of the academic journal Porn Studies"

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by SacredNaCl (#46109723) Attached to: Atlanta Gambled With Winter Storm and Lost

Shutdown for 2 or 3 inches of snow? From a Chicago perspective the idea of even rolling plows for that is considered a bit laughable.

Being from St Louis, Missouri - I have to agree. I have Z-chains if I need them because I have a RWD pickup with a big engine and it sucks in the snow even with M+S tires, but this past snow of 12" with -15F temperatures was the first time I have had to put them on in a couple years. I remember being in Florida one year when it snowed maybe 1", and there were tons of wrecks from that. People don't have M+S tires down there, and aside from the snowbirds they don't know how to drive in it. That definitely contributes, but I suspect the real problem was something more typical of the south.

I suspect the real problem for Atlanta, and for much of the south isn't snow as much as it is freezing rain leaving a layer of ice on everything. It wasn't the snow that shut things down, it was the transition where it laid a layer of ice on everything first, and they had not treated their roads in any meaningful way in preparation for it. If you have a sheet of ice to drive on, that is much much worse than snow.

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by SacredNaCl (#46097619) Attached to: U.S. Border Patrol Drone Goes Down, Rest of Fleet Grounded

A large number of lives ruined by illicit drugs are ruined because the government spends a huge amount of money to ruin them. Stop spending money to throw people in jail over minor drug infractions, or money driving people away from getting help for their problems (for fear of jail), or money spent driving addicts to ever-more-harmful worst-case toxic concoctions, and those illicit drugs will ruin many fewer lives.

Probably far more lives are ruined due to their illegality than if we simply had stopped at the pure food and drug act, and left it at that.

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by SacredNaCl (#45982729) Attached to: 95% of ATMs Worldwide Are Still Using Windows XP

At least 95% of ATM's are not running OS/2 (which used to be the case not very long ago). Most of the ATM's using XP at least have an upgrade path to Windows 7. That said, it would not surprise me that 6 months months down the line
if 30-50% of ATM's are still running Windows XP. Many of them will buy extended support from someone if it is offered, but I am s, but I am also certain many will just roll the dice until an exploit comes along that actually effects their systems/netorks.

I think the bigger problem is all of the point of sale systems that run XP. Many of those will not get upgraded until they are no longer functional!

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The reason muggings are down is because most states got serious about prosecuting muggers with rather nasty penalties. 10 year MANDATORY sentence in most states, tack on another 3 for armed criminal action, and the top end is life without the possibility of parole with an average of 23 years handed out. Plus prosecutors still have the option of going federal with any gun crime to tack on 5 years of federal time.

Muggers and armed robbers typically have a very short career.

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I'm more concerned with doctors being able to find medical records from other doctors. You see one quack and get a misdiagnosis, and it can haunt you for years to come. With electronic records, almost all of the hospitals are linked here, and a simple search turns up everything. Its impossible to correct things in your medical files as well. All you can do is add a statement to them.

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