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Comment Re:Android Pay... but why? Bye Google. (Score 1) 101

It makes sense if you realize that Google Wallet (New) is just a Paypal-like system, complete with its own physical credit card. Google Wallet can run as a web app, run completely "offline" using the card, or even as an app on iOS (or Blackberry or WinPhone...) if Google releases it there.

Android Pay is an NFC-based payment system baked into Android. Consider that even if Google wanted to, it is unlikely that Apple would ever allow something like Android Pay in iOS considering it competes directly with Apple Pay.

Splitting them into two apps allows Google maximum coverage.

Comment Re:Rewards (Score 1) 101

They will work on the selected banks that support Android Pay right now. If you were using Google Wallet before with any old Mastercard or Visa (or Amex or whatever) that is not from a supported bank, they will continue to work if you register them to Android Pay. However, your rewards will not work as these are going through a third party bank.

My guess is that any credit union or bank worth their salt that is currently accepting Apple Pay will likely accept Android Pay as well some time in the near future.

I know I intend to let my credit union know I expect them to support it.

Comment Keep up your verbal and written skills too.... (Score 5, Insightful) 242

Yes, you should stay current. That doesn't necessarily mean GitHub, but you should at least have a pretty good idea of what GitHub is, what it does and how to use it.

Here's the thing. If you want to get a programming job today, chances are you'll need to pass through some kind of "white board" programming test. That is, a 1-3 hour session where the hiring manager and team will sit you down and ask you to come up with code and architecture to solve a real world problem. That means that you'll need to be able to think on your feet. It can be a terrifying, humbling experience if you are not prepared for it or even if you are. So, the best thing you can do is be prepared.

If you're selling yourself as a Java developer, you had damned well know Java inside out. Yeah, that means crack open a recent website and read up not just on all the fundamentals you've forgotten but also read up on some of the newer stuff that Java's added in the last few years. Walk through some sample interview questions on the web.

Secondly, work on your people skills. You'll have to be able to explain yourself clearly and concisely. You can be a brilliant technical person but if you cannot be understood, you won't get the job. During the white board session, people aren't looking for perfect syntax. What they are looking for is how you approach a problem, how you break it down, and how you communicate your path through the problem. Again, this all comes down to good communication skills as much as how well you sling code.

For the record: I'm a 53 year old programmer. I just "retired" from one company and landed in another with a 20% pay raise and better opportunities to move upwards. And yeah, I did have to pass a grueling 3 hour "white board" test. It can be done.

Comment FIrst step toward feasible long term space travel? (Score 1) 210

If you think about it, if we can eventually place the brain in a container that can withstand the vacuum of space and harsh climates on other planets, we could solve some of the logistics of traveling to Mars and beyond.

So as crazy as this sounds, it could be a first step toward practical space travel.

Comment You really have a lot of it covered already.... (Score 1) 698

Seriously, by leaving these videos and being what seems to be an excellent parent, you seem as if you need little more to add to what you already have.

As a girl geek myself, tell her not to take herself so seriously. Be sure to have fun and to keep family first and foremost. Remember that in 25 years time, no one will care if you made that important presentation to an executive or worked extra weekends to get that promotion. Work is fleeting. Family is forever. I have never once regretted going on a scouting camping trip with my son or asking my boss to leave a little early to catch my daughter's tennis match. Seek out people who understand this. Don't waste time with people who don't.

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