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Submission + - Suppressed EU report reveals damage from biodiesel (

DesScorp writes: "Has the European Union been hiding the costs of biodiesel and similar "green fuels"? Reuters is reporting that they have acquired documentation previously hidden by the EU that proves biodiesel is more harmful than either gasoline or diesel fuels. Using freedom of information laws, Reuters published information from the documents stating that such green fuels actually have higher CO2 levels than petroleum, and that they present the added problem of lost farmland and forested areas. They also state that in previous reports, the EU had stripped damaging information under protest from study participants. "Biodiesel from North American soybeans has an indirect carbon footprint of 339.9 kilograms of CO2 per gigajoule — four times higher than standard diesel — said the EU document, an annex that was controversially stripped from a report published in December. Editing the report caused one of the consultancies, Fraunhofer of Germany, to disown it partly in a disclaimer." Are green fuels all they're cracked up to be?"

Submission + - How much is Spotify paying independent artists? (

Damon Tog writes: David Harrell, of 'The Layaways,' reveals the following:

"For August and September of 2009, we received per-stream payouts of .02 cents, .03 cents, .06 cents, and — my favorite — an amount so small that it apparently rounds to .000000 cents!"

"At the .022 cent rate... it would require 3,500 Spotify plays to generate the same payout as that from a 99-cent iTunes download."

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