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Submission + - New book based on proof of election rigging ( 3

Troy Seman writes: "Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips, who provided the material for fully one third of Bobby Kennedy's Rolling Stone article "Was The 2004 Election Stolen" ( ) is the ONLY guy to actually look at the evidence of election rigging in Ohio. He now has a book out based on his analysis of over 30,000 photographs of ballots signature books, and poll books. He basically proves, once and for all, that over a dozen counties in Ohio in 2004 were rigged in advance and on election night. The evidence is absolutely damning. Follow up studies show rigging continuing in 2006 in Ohio as well as records destruction. Phillips not only proves the election rigging but can also show several mechanisms that were used, a couple of which show collusion at levels of government higher than the county level and therefore indicate conspiracty. He's got a website up for the book at"

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