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SaberTaylor's Journal: anonymous coward is not anonymous 1

Journal by SaberTaylor

too lazy to dig it out for you, but I saw on Wiki from a /. editor that he watches the recent comments and feels a desire to expose the anonymity since he can tell who is anonymous coward.

Since this is a free software fansite, there is an elevated level of trust, the whole cottage industry of idealism here is about increased trust. That's why everyone loves Google here. Anyway. Just thought it noteworthy that anonymous coward is not anonymous here, contrary to my expectation. I don't blame /. they have a lot of administrivia to do versus trolls.

yawn. will delete later.

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anonymous coward is not anonymous

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  • Anyone with access to logs could easily cross-reference IP addresses of AC posts with logged in posts. No big deal there. Whether or not a /. editor crosses the line and does something with that info...

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