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Comment Re:Four clicks! (Score 1) 371

The alternative solution is to just start the browser you want, and select to make the browser the default when it asks. That will open the default programs window where you can set which browser to use.

So even for a novice, it's one extra step to select the browser rather than just switching it like it did in previous versions.

Comment Re: A plea to fuck off. (Score 2) 365

SQRL does something like a secure token. It allows a manager on a smartphone or computer.

The site you are trying to access presents a clickable QR code that contains a session id and some random gibberish. The SQRL manager will sign that message with a private key that you have, and it signifies that you are who you say you are.

This allows you to sign into a public machine using your smartphone, and once the session is terminated, anything that could have been captured doesn't allow an attacker to login later.

On your home machine you could have a manager that handles SQRL:// and it takes the smartphone out of the loop.


Comment Re:Cash Please (Score 1) 294

Have fun with your cash, but being pick pocketed, mugged, or robbed by police^H^H^H^H^H^H "highway men" is a way for you to lose cash without a way to remove it.

With a credit card you are responsible for $50; however, every bank I've seen waives that and charges you nothing.

Good call on not using your debit card. If something did happen, it's always better to have it be the bank's money locked up during an investigation on a unauthorized charge, then your money in your checking account.

Comment Re:US (Score 1) 294

Those aren't that common in the US. Instead it's more common to use a smartphone or tablet with a small card reader dongle that plugs into the audio jack.

My only complaint with this more over to chips in the cards, is that the new cards with the chip, no longer support contact pay. I was using contact pay for years, but that option has now been removed. This has gotten me to start using Google Wallet/Pay.

Comment Re:Enterprise (Score 1) 119

Office 365 runs off it already, if you have 365 tied into your AD then you have Azure AD already setup.

This allows applications you access from a mobile phone to authenticate you even if you aren't in the office. Joining your phone to the domain adds it to a mobile device manager that can be centrally administered.

I really don't see how having a persistent VPN connection would improve on what they are doing. If you really wanted to, you could setup a VPN on your phone. Then build a custom app that would make sure that connection is up, and authenticate off AD over LDAP.

The only thing you would gain would be not having a charge for the cloud services.

Comment Re:And still we do not know what can of worms... (Score 1) 172

I don't know about CPU/MB, but if your disk dies you will be able to install just Windows 10 and activate it. Windows 10 as an upgrade from 7/8 doesn't have a product key, you will be required to have a Microsoft account. This account will store the license for your computer.

Comment Re:Enterprise (Score 1) 119

Azure Active Directory isn't really the typical everything in the cloud bullshit, but it is used for authenticating SaaS systems to a local domain account.

If you ever worked with Single Sign On (SSO), you probably have heard of SAML and OAUTH. That's basically what Azure AD is, a way for a web app to authenticate to a user's local domain. But without the need to setup communication between the app and the local domain.

Think of being able to log into a website with your Google or Facebook account. With Azure AD you could login with your domain account without needing to have the website reach into the domain to authenticate.


Comment Re:Can't "buy" Windows 10? (Score 4, Informative) 172

What you heard is wrong, Microsoft has said time and again that the 7/8 to 10 upgrade is NOT a subscription. After upgrading you will be able to do a full clean install directly to Windows 10 if you want to.

You are also able to preorder full OEM versions of Windows 10 right now on Newegg.

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